#9 Luigi Escapes Pt.1
Hosted By N/A
Eliminated N/A
Challenge None
Winner None
Writer of Episode Mariofan45

Last time...

YoshiEgg put on horror and comedy movies, and everyone was scared of the horror.

Here comes the story!

Silvercold: Everyone's not here?

Yajirobe: Shut up, I'm gonna make you cry, you little baby.

Silvercold goes away.

Luigi: Who are you?

Yajirobe: Hmph.

Sonic: Just joking.

Nightwolf appears

Nightwolf: What are you guys doing?


Ness: Shut up.

Nightwolf: Hmph. You guys overtook my money at night.

Yajirobe: What the-

Nightwolf: Stop already!

Ness: Just drop into my-

Ness falls into the water.


Luigi: Are you okay?

Yajirobe: Could not say that.

Nightwolf: Shut fatty.

Yajirobe: I am not fat! My face is chubby!

Nightwolf: Sure is.

Luigi: How the heck did you do that?

Nightwolf: Nothing

Nightwolf pulls Yajirobe.

Nightwolf: You FATTY!@@@#$%^&

Yajirobe: I'm not fat! Just because of you!

Sonic: Stop arguing.

Sonic pulls Nightwolf.

Sonic: You black wolf look a lot like me! You cheater!

Nightwolf: I'm not a cheater!

Why was Nightwolf the only contestant in this episode?

Did Nightwolf's friends die?

Was Mariofan45 dead?

And will Yajirobe shut up?

Find out in Super Fanon: Move It!/Eps.10!

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