#8 Break
Hosted By Mariofan45
Eliminated N/A
Challenge N/A
Winner N/A
Writer of Episode Mariofan45

Last time...

At night, the contestants saw someone, but at 1 am, Hiro came in the house. Clyde taught he had a birthday, but hiro didn't.


At 1:30...

PKB: Woah! A scary movie you put on, YoshiEgg!

Hiro: Yeah!

Lucas Koopa: Don't watch it!

YoshiEgg: I like horror!

Clyde: Why would you put a scary movie?

McBoo: Yes...

In the TV...

Mary: It's a monster!

Mary's 17-year old child: AAHHHHHHHHHHH!!!

George: AHHH!!

Evil Audience: Take that!

Out of the TV...

PKB: This is scary!

McBoo: I don't wanna watch this, this movie is scary!

YoshiEgg: Fine we'll watch comedy!

Lucas Koopa: Phew...

Hiro: Yeah, I don't like scary movies...

YoshiEgg turns on comedy.

In the beggining...

Anne: This is so beatiful!

Michael: (Falls on the cup)

Children: Haha! Michael fell on the cup!

Out of the TV...

McBoo: Haha!

PKB: Michael fell on the cup!

Hiro: Extremely funny!

YoshiEgg: Yup!

Lucas Koopa: Totally!

3.14: Haha! This is funny!

Clyde: the most funny part is when Michael fell in the cup!

Inside the TV..

Michael: no!

Children: Michael's shirt is filled with water!

Out of the TV...

At 2:00...

PKB: Time to sleep...

Mariofan45: You guys need some sleep.

Silvercold: Yes.

Everyone: Yes...

How will Hiro the Echidna act?

Will YoshiEgg Nook ever get Bloop and Tulip Nook?

Will PKB get Moyan?

Will Micool the Master get Skipper?

And will 3.14 get Heart and 4.13?

If their friends will come or not, see it in Super Fanon: Move It!/Eps.9.

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