#6 More Contestants! MORE!!
Hosted By Mariofan45
Eliminated Sonicfan56
Challenge Drain Down the Ape
Winner Mick Cool (Joined)
Writer of Episode Mariofan45

Last time ...

Lucas Koopa was hungry, so he wanted to eat that night between 4:31 and 5:00. McBoo woke up early, so he wanted to eat.

Here's the story!

PKB: (wakes up) Guys, wake up!

McBoo: Fine.

YoshiEgg: It's 6:10, you have to sleep!

At 8:00...

Mariofan45: Good morning! How's sleep?

PKB: Good.

Mariofan45: (Sees boat) Oh! Whose this?

Mick Cool: I'm Mick Cool, this is my friend Micool and this is Kooprina and Groudous Maximus.

Micool the Master: Hi!

Mariofan45: (Sees O'Lantern, Ludwig and Genbe) Hey guys!

Ludwig, O'Lantern and Genbe: Hey!

Mariofan45: Nice to meet you!

At 9:00...

Mariofan45: Time to start are challenge! Somebody needs to drain down the Great Ape!

Mick Cool: Micool?

Micool the Master: Mick Cool!

YoshiEgg: Hello?

McBoo: What?

Mick Cool: Huh?

Mick Cool drains down the Giant Ape.

Mariofan45: And so the winner is... Our new contestant.. Mick Cool!

Mick Cool: Woo!

At the hot dog boiler...

Mariofan45: I have 17 hot dogs and if you don't get one you're out.

Mariofan45 hands out 15 hot dogs.

Mariofan45: O'Lantern.

McBoo and Sonicfan56's eyes open big.

Mariofan45: McBoo

Sonicfan56: No!

Mariofan45: You are dead, Sonicfan.

Kool: We could win!

YoshiEgg: Totally!

Will I YoshiEgg Nook stop?

Will there be some more contestants?

Who will get the prize?

And who will get voted off in #8?

Find out on Super Fanon: Move It!/Eps.7!

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