#5 Early Morning
Hosted By Mariofan45
Eliminated N/A
Challenge N/A
Winner N/A
Writer of Episode Mariofan45

Last time ...

There where no tables so Mariofan45 had to get on with a hot dog vote off season.

Here comes the story!

PKB wakes up at 2:00 in the morning.

PKB: (Yamns) I have to sleep...

YoshiEgg: Me too...

McBoo: I am very TIRED.

Clyde: What's going on?

Henry: Huh.. It's 2:00 in the morning, i want to sleep f-o-r a little...

Lucas Koopa: Me too...

McBoo: What's that?

PKB: I don;t know.

Silvercold: It's already 2 in the morning, you have to sleep more.

Bakachu: Baka! It's 2:10!

Nightwolf: Can't do what I say...

Sonicfan56: Nothin', just shut up.

YoshiEgg: WHAT?!

Sonicfan56: Shut up, YoshiEgg Nook.

YoshiEgg: STOP!!!

Mariofan45: Whoa! What's all this fighting?!

YoshiEgg: Sonicfan56 is saying "shut up!"!

Mariofan45: ...oh... (leaves)

Clyde: Hehe.

Luigi: What are you doing here?

McBoo: Nothing.

Luigi: Oh... (Leaves)

Meanwhile at 4:00...

PKB: It's 4, I can't sleep!

Sonicfan56: Shut up, Kooper.


Sonicfan56: You are a special Tanooki for ME TO EAT!

YoshiEgg: Go sleep.

Sonicfan56: Fine.

YoshiEgg: Whatever.

YoshiEgg: Huh?


YoshiEgg: McBoo, Where are you going?

McBoo: Nowhere.

Lucas Koopa wakes up.

McBoo: I woke up at 4:30...

Lucas Koopa: I woke up at 4:31...

Lucas Koopa opens the candy for McBoo.

McBoo: It's empty!

Lucas Koopa: FUCK!

Mariofan45: Silvercold, I need you to get to the hot dog boiler and make a computer.

Silvercold: Kay.

Meanwhile at 5:00...

YoshiEgg: Sonicfan is gone!

McBoo: Oh no!

Clyde: What do we do now?

Henry: Sonicfan!

Nightwolf: He's GONE!

Lucas Koopa: (Burps) You guys seem mature, don't you?

YoshiEgg: Nope. I wish Tulip and Bloop came here, but they are not. Mariofan45 told us Locke and Steel were sick!

McBoo: Yea!

Lucas Koopa hands out his beef treats.

McBoo: What's that?

Lucas Koopa: Beef.

YoshiEgg: Yum!

Everyone eats.

YoshiEgg: I'm full.

Henry: Me too!

McBoo: Me three!

Nightwolf: Me four!

Clyde: Me five!

They all go to bed.

Meanwhile at the hot dog boiler...

Silvercold: This computer looks awesome!

Mariofan45: Yes-o!

At 6:00...

McBoo: What the?

YoshiEgg: Huh?

PKB: It's 6:00...

Clyde: Sleep.

Sonicfan56: I'm here. (Sleeps)

Everyone except Sonicfan56: Sonicfan! Sonicfan?

Sonicfan56: I'm sleeping, don't bother me.

YoshiEgg: Oh well...

McBoo: Yes...

Clyde: I'm sleepy...

Nightwolf: Yeah...

Lucas Koopa: Me too...

Henry: You can say that again... time to sleep...

Bakachu: Baka! Yes!

Will it be 7:00 ever?

Will YoshiEgg Nook forget about Bloop and Tulip Nook?

And will there be more contestants joining?

If yes, if no, See it in Episode 6 on Total drama Island! I mean.. Super Fanon: Move It.

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