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#3 Problems
Hosted By Mariofan45 Silvercold]
Eliminated N/A
Challenge N/A
Winner N/A
Writer of Episode Mariofan45

Last time...

Dera was eliminated for nothing and Dera did nothing wrong, PKB got the last hot dog and so Dera walked off the Dock.

Here is our story!

Mariofan45: So that's it, a Great APE!

Everybody: What the heck are you talking about...?

Mariofan45: About the Great Ape.

Silvercold: What about it?

Lucas Koopa: (Burps) Haha!! (burps)

Silvercold: STOP BURPING!!!

Mariofan45: Silvercold is right, you should STOP!!!

YoshiEgg: Yup!

McBoo: Lol.

Henry: "LOL" doesn't make sence!!!

McBoo: Lol stands for "Laugh out loud."

Lucas Koopa and Helen: WHAT?!

Silvercold and Mariofan45: ENOUGH OF THE ARGUMENT!!

Will Silvercold stop screaming?

Will YoshiEgg Nook stop with "Yup!"?

And will McBoo make a decision?

To be continued...

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