#22 Boys vs. Girls
Hosted By Mariofan45
Eliminated Helen (again: p)
Challenge Survive in the boys or girls cabin and win 66 points in order to watch TV
Winner Boys
Writer of Episode Mariofan45

Last time...

Chump was eliminated and all the girls were acting like nothing.

At night...

Chump: What are you?

Mariofan45: (sees Chump) just return with Kool.

Kool: ...

At the meeting...

All the contestants: Where are you going?

Mariofan45, Silvercold and Jirby: Well, we are going to the Super Fanon shop to pay for our stuff for this.

Mariofan45: So don't say ANYTHING.

At the Super Fanon shop...

Yuhalo: Well, I have an order.

Mariofan45: Yuhalo, I want 3 cents for our vote-off season and 66 dollars for our challenge.

Yuhalo: Kay, your order is coming.

Yuhalo: Here's the order.

The Hosts: Thank you. (leaves).

At the challenge...

Mariofan45: Alright! Time for our challenge! Boys in the boys cabin, girls in the girls cabin.

Genbe: I'm a girl. (disappears)

Mariofan45: GENBE!

At the boys cabin...

Walden: What already?


Mariofan45: Alright, 44 for the boys, 25 for the girls.


Mariofan45: 62 for boys cabin, 28 for the girls cabin. The boys are winning!

All the boys: YES!

Later again...

Mariofan45: 66 for boys, 32 for girls... the boys win!!

All the boys: YES!

Mariofan45: Girls, come with me to the hot dog boiler.

At the boys cabin...

Hiro: I'm sleepy.

PKB: I know.

All the boys: Let's all sleep.

Clyde: Right.

At the hot dog boiler...

Mariofan45: Ladies, there are only 3 barbecue packs in this plate.

Jirby and Silvercold: If you don't get a barbecue pack.

Mariofan45: You're out and you never ever come back to the girls cabin. Only at home.

All the 4 girls: Where?

Mariofan45: The dock of shame is the hot dog boat, you get all the way far home.

Mariofan45: Widget.

Widget: Alright! Wubbster will be happy!

Mariofan45: Kooprina.

Mariofan45: The final barbecue pack goes to...

Jirby: ...

Silvercold: ...

Mariofan45: ...

Mariofan45: Dera.

Helen: But-but-but!

Mariofan45: Sorry Hele- Helen: I DON"T WANNA GO HOME!

Mariofan45: Sorry dude.

Helen: I SAID N- Mariofan45: I SAID GO HOME!


Mariofan45: Can't you just go home already?!

Helen: FINE!! (gets in hot dog boat. Helen cries with tears. Boat leaves.)

In the morning...

YoshiEgg: Where's Genbe?

All the hosts and contestants: Genbe's home. Just kidding! Haha!

Genbe: Guys!

Mariofan45: Here's a barbecue pack for you Genbe.

Genbe: Oh thanks!

Everyone: (Laughs)

Will Helen get back?

And will Norberg get back too?

Find it Super Fanon: Move It!/Eps.23.

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