#2 The First Hot Dog Boiler
Hosted By Mariofan45
Eliminated Dera
Challenge None
Winner None
Writer of Episode Mariofan45

Last time ...

Nightwolf found the Great Ape and won, and Mariofan45 congrated him.

Here it is!

Mariofan45: Sins Nightwolf won, it's time to go to the hot dog boiler.

Mariofan45: I have 12 hot dogs and if you don't get one you're out.

Mariofan45 then hands them out and gives one of the hod dogs to 11 of them.

Mariofan45: Dera and PKB, one of you is getting a hot dog, while the other gets kicked out.

PKB: Who is going to receive it?

Dera: Hmm...

Mariofan45: PKB.

Dera: NOOOOOOO!!!!

Mariofan45: Go home, Dera.

Henry: McBoo?

McBoo: Henry?

Mariofan45: Pause it!

PKB: See you Dera.

Mariofan45: (Packs up bakery clothes and his meat.) Guys, have to go to a restaurant, see ya.

YoshiEgg: Okay

Lucas Koopa: What the heck?

Will Lucas Koopa stop?

Will Dera return?

And will the Great Ape be forgotten

Watch it in Super Fanon! Mario The Mario Super Smash isn't same with MKWii.Luigi The Mystery of green fire can be clicked HERE.