Locked in room with my old anti-pal
Hosted By Mariofan45
Eliminated Ace Venturboo
Challenge Survive in a room with your worst enemy.
Winner Mick cool and Groudous Maximus
Writer of Episode EdGeorgenCody

Last time on Super Fanon: Move It!...

McBoo lost a tooth...

Chump lost and went mad...

Silvercold competed in a challenge...

What will happen next?

Everyone is staring at 3.14, Who is sweating.

3.14: Errr... (starts dancing)

Mariofan45: BORING!!! Anyways the next challenge is to survive in a room with...YOUR! WORST! ENEMY!

Everyone: WHAT!?!?

Mariofan45: I just love torturing you, anyways the duos are:

Nightwolf and Ace

Nugg and Chump


McBoo and Lucas

3.14 and PKB

Groudous Maximus and Mick cool

Moyan and Micool the Master

Clyde and RedYoshi

Dashed and Sonicfan56

O'Lantern and Genbe

And the rest of you have the day off. Nightwolf and Ace, yer up!

Nightwolf and Ace go into the room.

In the room...

Ace: Hey look under there!

Nightwolf: Under where?


Nightwolf: ...

2 minutes later...


Mariofan45: Sorry but you lost!

Nightwolf: *face turns red*

3.14: Holy Shit! The scouter says his power level is...OVER 9000!!!

Nightwolf chases Mariofan45 around.

Silvercold: Err..Next is Nugg and Chump.

They both enter the room.

15 seconds later...

They come out with bandages.

Silvercold: LOST!

Many more later...

Mick cool and Groudous Maximus come out unharmed.

Silvercold: They won!

Both: WOOT!

To the elimanation...

Everyone has hot dogs but Ace and Chump.

Chump: *sweats*

Ace: *is looking confident*

Nightwolf: *glares at Ace*

Mariofan45: And the final hot dog goes to...Chump!

Ace: WHAT!?!?

Mariofan45: Sorry dude.

Ace leaves.

In the boy's cabin.

All the boys: WOOT!

What is Mariofan45's next form of torture?

Will I ever write another episode?

Find out on The next episode!

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