#14 Fire! pt.2
Hosted By Mariofan45
Eliminated Genbe (wanted to stay, not eliminated)
Challenge Break down the picture hidden in Mariofan45's bedroom
Winner Blue, Yellow and Green Team
Writer of Episode Mariofan45

Last time...

Episode 13 was found, and this 14 is the actual one.


Silvercold: Who will do this?

YoshiEgg: I don't know.

Sonicfan56: Hmmm....

Hiro: What do we do?

Nightwolf: I don't know.

Wubbzy: Who will do it?

The blue, yellow and green team break down the picture.

Mariofan45: Challenge complete!

At the hot dog boiler...

Mariofan45: There are only 32 hot dogs.

Silvercold: If Mariofan45 doesn't give you a hot dog, you're out.

Silvercold and Mariofan45 wait.

The other 33 contestants were inpatient.

Mariofan45 cooks the last 2 hot dogs.

Mariofan45: Hiro.

Genbe and YoshiEgg Nook are scared that one will not get one.

Silvercold: ...

Mariofan45: ...

Mariofan45: YoshiEgg Nook

Genbe: But-but...

Helen returns, note Genbe is a girl.

Helen: I'm here!

Mariofan45: That's good, Helen.

Genbe: Hmph. I wanna stay!

Yajirobe: Hmph.

Mariofan45: Fine Genbe. You can stay.

YoshiEgg: We could do this!

Kool: Hmmm...

Fire burns down the forest.

Is YoshiEgg Nook a burster?

Will the fire go away?

And will great apes come out in the next one?

Mariofan45: See it next time.

Silvercold and Mariofan45: Super Fanon!

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