#14 Find Episode 13
Hosted By Mariofan45
Eliminated N/A
Challenge Look for Episode 13
Winner Blue Team
Writer of Episode Mariofan45

Last time...

McBoo got money in the morning at he became a rich boo. McBoo said Wubbzy's tail was bendy.


YoshiEgg: What the heck just happened?

Mariofan45: Episode 13 was cut to due.

YoshiEgg: Oh...

Mariofan45: Let's start our challenge!

Mariofan45: Blue team will be...

  • 3.14
  • McBoo
  • Hiro the Echidna

Hiro: Yes!

  • Lucas Koopa

Lucas Koopa frowns.

  • Nightwolf
  • Henry the Moose
  • Nugg
  • Ace
  • Chump
  • Juno
  • Wubbzy
  • Widget

Wubbzy: YES!

  • Moyan
  • Groudous Maximus

Mariofan45: At yellow team...

  • Purple Koopa Bro.
  • Ludwig
  • Yajirobe
  • Luigi
  • Dera
  • Clyde
  • YoshiEgg Nook
  • Sonicfan56
  • Kool
  • Mick Cool
  • Micool the Master
  • Kool

Mariofan45: At red team...

  • Walden
  • Goomb Bro.
  • O'Lantern
  • Genbe

Mariofan45: Finally green team...

  • Bakachu
  • Kooprina
  • Goomb Bro.
  • Silvercold

Silvercold: WHY?!?!?!?!

Mariofan45: We don't have much pair.

Silvercold: Fine.

At the forest...

Silvercold: Where's episode 13?

YoshiEgg: I can't find it.

Yellow Team, Blue Team, Red Team and Green Team: Where is episode 13?

At the dead end...

Yellow Team, Blue Team and Green Team: Hmmm...

Red Team: Were is it?

The blue team finds episode 13.

Mariofan45: The blue team wins!

Blue Team: YESSSSS!!!!!

Is everyone happy?

Will 3.14 act out?

And will McBoo lose another tooth?

Find out in The next Episode!

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