#11 Water Smash!
Hosted By Mariofan45
Eliminated N/A
Challenge Slowly smash down the water in the swimming pool
Winner Hiro the Echidna
Lucas Koopa and Nightwolf
Writer of Episode Mariofan45

Last time...

Some contestants were new and 2 returned. Hiro was about to be eliminated, but Helen was suddenly eliminated instead.


Silvercold: Grow up!

Luigi: He's not!

Yajirobe: I got a bad face.

Mariofan45: Oh... and so you had a chance?

Hiro: He could...

Yajirobe: Hmph. That could be a good thing...

YoshiEgg: Who is that and what's that invention moving?

Mariofan45: You're right, YoshiEgg. Inventions don't move.

Wubbzy: Whooooooooah!

Widget: We're coming Wubbster!

Walden: Quick Widget! Hit the button!

Widget: I'm on it! I'm on it!

Wubbzy: Help me!

Clyde: Woah!

McBoo: Disgraceful.

Hiro: Just a trick.

Walden: It's not a trick you brown animal!

Hiro: Joking.

Wubbzy: Help someone! Help!

Mariofan45: Dragged off.

Mariofan45: Lets start our challenge.

Widget presses the button.

Wubbzy bounces his tail.

Mariofan45: You three join us.

Mariofan45: Who's that?

Juno: Hi!

Mariofan45: You... you are my buddy!

Juno: Of course!

Mariofan45: You can join us if you want, buddy.

Mariofan45: All right! 31 contestants all together!


Clyde: Yes!

Walden: This is a REALITY!!

Wubbzy: I never heard of reality before.

Wubbzy: (Cow moo)

Mariofan45: Too bad.

Yajirobe: Hmph.

Mariofan45: So the blue teams are:

  • 3.14
  • McBoo
  • Hiro the Echidna
  • Nugg
  • Widget
  • Wubbzy

Wubbzy: Whoohoo! I'm with you Widget!

Widget: Yesery!

  • Henry the Moose
  • Lucas Koopa

Lucas Koopa: Why?

Mariofan45: Because that's how I want it.

  • Ludwig
  • Clyde
  • YoshiEgg Nook

Mariofan45: At yellow team...

  • Walden
  • Ace
  • Nightwolf
  • Luigi

Luigi: YES!

  • Yajirobe
  • Purple Koopa Bro.
  • Dera
  • Sonicfan56
  • Kool
  • O'Lantern

Mariofan45: Red team...

  • Groudous Maximus
  • Juno
  • Kooprina
  • Genbe
  • Mick Cool
  • Moyan

Mariofan45: Finally green team...

  • Micool the Master
  • Bakachu
  • Goom Bro.
  • Silvercold

Silvercold: Why?!

Mariofan45: We don't have enough pair. Our challenge is slowly smash the water in the pool.

At the pool...

Silvercold: This pool is cold...

YoshiEgg: Yup!

Ludwig: Just a trick.

Hiro: Ludwig could be right, but I don't know.

Nugg: At least.

Silvercold: It's too cold!

Hiro, 3.14, Lucas Koopa and Nightwolf smash the water.

At the meeting...

Mariofan45: Challenge completed!

Clyde: Who won?!

Mariofan45: The winners are Hiro, 3.14, Lucas Koopa and Nightwolf!

Nightwolf: I... I won?

Hiro: Woo!

3.14: Yes!

Lucas Koopa: Yeehoo!

Will Hiro stop?

Will Lucas Koopa have his father Bowser?

And will Yajirobe calm down?

Find out in the next Super Fanon!

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