Luigi Escapes pt. 2
Hosted By Mariofan45
Eliminated Helen
Challenge 1. Confirm the great masks
2. Slap Yajirobe
3. Survive in a room with blood
Winner Challenge 1: Nugg
Challenge 2: YoshiEgg Nook
Challenge 3: Lucas Koopa
Writer of Episode Mariofan45

Last time...

All the contestants were gone except for Nightwolf, who was there. Ness falls into the water, and gurgles.

Here is the story!

Silvercold: What happened Mariofan45?

Mariofan45: I was in vacation.

YoshiEgg: How was it?

Yajirobe: SHUT UP BTW!

Everybody except Nightwolf: Who are YOU?


Mariofan45: What the? You're just a sweety little fat guy.

Luigi: You fatty!

Yajirobe: I'm not fat!

Luigi: IT"S TRUE!

Mariofan45: You two, Luigi and Yajirobe join us.

Mariofan45 sees the boat.

Mariofan45: Oh, who ARE YOU? (girl smile)

Nugg: I'm Nugg.

Hiro: Oh! Cute>>!

Mariofan45: Hiro.

Mariofan45: Who are you?

Ace Veturboo: I'm Ace.

Mariofan45: nice to meet you!

Mariofan45: Woo... Nice contest- Yajirobe: SHUT UP LITTLE BABY!

Mariofan45. FINE! Yajirobe and Luigi, you could join us.

Mariofan45: Whose this?

Chump: Hi! I'm Chump!

Mariofan45: Hello dude!

Chump: You too!

Mariofan45: Alright contestants! Time to get on our challenge!

Mariofan45: We have 3 challenges.

Hiro: This is gonna be intense!

Nugg confirms the masks.

Mariofan45: Time for our next challenge!


Mariofan45: Of course.

Mariofan45: So the blue team is:

  • Ace
  • Nightwolf
  • Nugg
  • Purple Koopa Bro.
  • Hiro the Echidna
  • McBoo
  • Clyde
  • Henry the Moose
  • Lucas Koopa
  • Mick Cool

And yellow team:

  • Micool the Master
  • Kool
  • Kooprina
  • Helen
  • O'Lantern
  • Groudous Maximus
  • Chump

And finally red team:

  • 3.14
  • Genbe
  • Ludwig
  • Bakachu
  • YoshiEgg Nook
  • Yajirobe
  • Luigi

Dera and Goomb Bro. Appear.

Dera: I'm back.

Mariofan45: That's good. Who are You, Goomba?

Goomb Bro.: I'm Goomb Bro.

Mariofan45: Nice to meet you!

Mariofan45: Goomb Bro. and Dera, you are both in red team.

The red, blue and yellow team are about to confirm the mask.

Dera: What do we do now?

At the bridge...

Mariofan45 sees Sonicfan56.

Mariofan45: Welcome back, Sonicfan!

Sonicfan56: Thanks!

Mariofan45: you'll join a challenge, you will be by yourself in green team with someone else...

Mariofan45 sees Moyan.

Moyan: Hey! I'm Moyan!

Mariofan45: Nice to meet you! You'll be in green team with Sonicfan.

Moyan: Cool!

The red team, green team, blue team and yellow team are there...

YoshiEgg: Sonicfan, is that Moyan?

Moyan: Yes.

Nugg confirms the masks


Mariofan45: Challenge completed!

Meanwhile at the second challenge...

YoshiEgg Slaps Yajirobe.

Yajirobe: Oww! That hurt!

YoshiEgg: Hmph!


Mariofan45: Challenge completed!


McBoo: It's a bloody room!

Hiro: Yess!

Everyone dies except Lucas Koopa, everyone is alive.

At the hot dog boiler...

Mariofan45: I have 27 hot dogs.

Silvercold: Mariofan45 doesn't give you a hot dog, you're out.

Mariofan45 hands out 23 hot dogs.

Mariofan45: Goom Bro.. Moyan. McBoo.

Hiro and Helen's eyes open big.

Mariofan45: ...

Silvercold: ...

Mariofan45: Hiro.

Hiro: Oh you rock when giving hot dog! BF%*%*H.

Helen: No..!

Mariofan45: Helen, you have to come home, and here is the sea!

Helen: No..! I don't wanna go!

Mariofan45: I SAID GO!!

Yajirobe: Haha.

Luigi: Yeah!

Hiro: We could do it!

Dera: I finally got a hot dog, and it's delicious!

Everyone except Mariofan45 and Silvercold: Totally tasty!

McBoo: I want to win this next time!

Henry: Yeah...

Will Helen and Norberg return?

Will 3.14 blow YoshiEgg Nook?

And why was there no tables or beds?

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