#1 The Great Big Episode
Hosted By Mariofan45
Eliminated N/A
Challenge Find the Great Ape
Winner Nightwolf
Writer of Episode Mariofan45

This episode is written by Mariofan45 (tbc), the creator of Luigi: North Travel, Super Mario Galaxy: Luigi Edition 2 and Super Smash Bros. Revenge.

Here is the story!

Mariofan45: Welcome to Super Fanon!

Mariofan45: I am the only host, and so I have hot dogs, and the one who is the winner will have a treat.

Mariofan45: Time to call our contestants!

Mariofan45: Nightwolf! McBoo! YoshiEgg!

YoshiEgg: Hi there!

Nightwolf: hi!

McBoo: Hello Locke and St- Mariofan45: Locke and Steel are sick.

McBoo, Nightwolf, and YoshiEgg: WHAT?!


Mariofan45: Dera! and all the others!

Dera: hi!

Mariofan45: Time to start our challenge

Dera and YoshiEgg: What is it?

Mariofan45: Find the Great Ape!


Mariofan45: I am not kidding! Time to start.

Everybody: But- Mariofan45: No buts! and Go GET on with this challenge! I'm so angry!

McBoo: YoshiEgg Nook?

YoshiEgg: McBoo?

Nightwolf finds the Great Ape, but he was blind and deaf.

Nightwolf: it's the Ape!

Mariofan45: Challenge completed! The winner is Nightwolf!

Nightwolf: Yeah!

Will Mariofan45 stop getting angry?

Will Nightwolf get food?

And will Dera get voted off?

Find out on Super Fanon: Move It!/Eps.2

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