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Super Excitebike is a 1992 racing video game developed by Tricom and published by Nintendo for the SNES. It is a sequel to the 1984 game Excitebike, and was the first video game developed by a member of the Exal family.


Super Excitebike essentially takes longer to complete than the original Excitebike. There are seven stages, dubbed "cups", and they are each set in a different area. There is also a "final race" where you go up against the ultimate Excitebike champion.

Copper Cup

The Copper Cup is set in a basic racetrack stadium, and there are no real hazards.

Bronze Cup

This cup takes you to the savannah. If you crash into a pond, you will automatically restart from your last checkpoint (or the starting line, if you haven't passed a checkpoint yet).

Silver Cup

In the snowy forests you visit for this cup, you will have to watch out for avalanches and cross frozen rivers.

Gold Cup

Players will race through the desert, where quicksand and sandstorms will get in their way.

Platinum Cup

The heavy storms of the jungle will push players back. You can use intertwining branches to your advantage.

Niobium Cup

The racers go through an underwater tunnel. Leaks in the tubes can slow them down.

Crystal Cup

Here comes the ultimate challenge. Now, you and other racers will put on space gear and ride around the moon. There are several bumps here, so you might want to take it easy.

Final Race

As you race the champion around the sun, you'll have to be cautious near the solar flares.

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