Super Epica 64 is a semi-sequel to Super Mario 64. It is for the Nintendo 64. It is the first and only game of the Epica series that is for the Nintendo 64.

Playable Characters



Epica is invited to Prince Ahaz's castle to share a strawberry pie. As Epica approaches the castle, a apparition of Durak appears. He tells her that she can either surrender or never come back to the castle. Epica rushes in.

Worlds (required)

Bob-omb Battlegrounds

Mission 1- Get to the highest point in the stage and battle the Bob-Omb King.

Mission 2- Race and defeat Koopa the Quick to the flag.

Mission 3- SPECIAL Reiki must be battled on the floating island.

Burning Ruins

Mission 1- Match the puzzle pieces together, should resemble Sarona.

Mission 2- Defeat Reizek in the volcano.

Mission 3- SPECIAL Tiger must be battled near the volcano.

Dire, Dire, Docks

Mission 1- Sneak into the sunken ship unnoticed (impossible without Vanish Flower).

Mission 2- Rescue the Yoshi trapped by a sleeping Water Wiggler (also impossible without Vanish Flower)

Mission 3- Joaquin must be battled near the ship.


To be continued...

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