Super Duper Punch Kick Guys is a downloadable PC game made by AzaCraft Entertainment. It is a small fighting game with a roster of only 13 characters, and is a mixture between a fighting game and a beat-em-up. The roster will be more original and far-out then usual. It is also said to have a story-mode that features humourous dialogue and lower story stakes then most umbrellas. 

Story Mode

The story mode begins with Petey Pirahna and Dry Bones staying in a hotel watching crappy TV movies. They had left Bowser's army months ago, and have been on the run ever since. Dry Bones then recieves a message on his phone from a mysterious caller, telling him to head to the local bar immediately. Dry Bones is suspicious but Petey decides they should go, thinking it could be a "fun adventure." The two head to the bar, while avoiding Koopa Troopas along the way. 

Petey and Dry Bones enter the bar only to end up in the middle of an intense bar fight between Ace Bunny and Sub Zero. You can choose to help either Sub Zero or Ace. Either way, the fight is interrupted by Zetto, who was the person who sent Dry Bones the message. Zetto convinces the others not to fight, and he leads them through a secret door, where the group sees a pink-ish purple-ish portal. Zetto says they have to go in, but Dry Bones is skeptical. However, Petey Piranha jumps in without hesitating, causing Dry Bones and the others to go in after him. 

Petey and co. land in a universe called the Kirby Spectrum, where many different forms of Kirbies live. The crew, as well as all the other kirbies, are quickly alerted by Messenger Kirby that Terrorist Kirby is planning to nuke the Kirby Plaza. Zetto says that they need to come up with a plan to stop the nuke before it comes in and destroys the plaza. Petey suggests that he eats the nuke, but the others dismiss the plan. The group decides they will just have to wing it, when they are joined by Ninja Kirby and Fire Kirby. Sub Zero freezes the nuke, and Zetto and Ace Bunny slice it in half. The group is then attacked by Terrorist Kirby himself, armed with a pair of machine guns. After defeating the Terrorist Kirby, the group finds a portal and exits the Kirby Spectrum. 

The scene switches to New York City, where Bootleg Power Ranger has just finished fighting some evil minions. He sees Bowser, who he thinks is one of the villains. Bowser asks the Power Ranger if he saw a turtle skeleton or a giant venus flytrap, but the Power Ranger thinks he's talking crazy and fights him. After the fight, Bowser and the Power Ranger look up and see Bowser's airship coming on from the horizon. Bowser is confused, and the two decide to form a truce and try to figure out what is going on. 


Character Info
Mario Bros Petey
Petey Piranha
100px-SSB Mario Series
A huge powerhouse, Petey Pirhana is a tank class fighter who can chomp at opponents to attack. He also can swipe at people with his leaf arms, and spread vines across the stage to trap people. 
MKXL Dry Bones
Dry Bones
100px-SSB Mario Series
The good cop to Petey's bad cop, these two have been through a lot together, and now they join the fray! Dry Bones can shoot out ghostly blue fireballs from his mouth, as well as hide in his skeleton Koopa Shell and roll into other fighters to attack. He also can hit the opponents with quick punches and kicks. 
Tome zetto by kirbopher15-d7018tj
The leader of the D-Buggers Hacker organization, Zetto has dedicated all his time to try and stop a deadly virus from effecting the game of TOME. He has a cybernetic arm that can shoot laser blasts, and can also use his Z arm blade. Overall, he is quite a powerful fighter. 
Splash Woman
SSB Mega Man series
Splash Woman is the only known female Robot Master, and thus becomes the subject of.... questionable fan-art. She can shoot lasers from her trident, or use her trident as a melee weapon. She also can use fish robots to help her fight. 
SSB Pokémon Series
Alakazam is a psychic-type Pokemon, known for his humanoid structure and large mustache. Being a psychic-type, Alakazam can use psychic abilities such as teleportation, energy beams, and telepathically shooting spoons as projectiles. 
Calvin and Hobbes
Calvin is a young, creative, yet selfish boy, who is best friends with a tiger that may or may not be real. I don't know, it's confusing. The duo mostly attack with different gadgets and gizmos, such as transforming themselves into monsters using the Transmogrifier Gun, or creating duplicates of themselves. Hobbes can also pounce on enemies. 
Ace Bunny
SSB LooneyTunes2
The radicool superhero counterpart to Bugs Bunny. That show was a good idea, right? Ace wields a sword which he can use for quick strikes, and also has laser vision I think? I dunno, this show was fucking stupid. 
Ninja Kirby
Ninja Kirby
SSB Kirby Series
An inhabitant of the Kirby Spectrum, Ninja Kirby relies on stealth and attacking from a far. He uses projectiles, such as ninja stars and kunai, and he also has a katana which he can pull out and fight with to his heart's content. 
Fire Kirby KRTDL
Fire Kirby
SSB Kirby Series
An inhabitant of the Kirby Spectrum, Fire Kirby is a total pyromaniac whose playstyle is pretty much BURN ALL THE THINGS. Fire Kirby can shoot fire, engulf himself in fire, set things on fire.... we'd list all the things he can do but it would just get repetative. He also can float-jump in the air like a regular Kirby. 
Bootleg Power Ranger
SSB Unavaliable
Some bootleg Power Ranger action figure you can buy for less than a dollar. I don't see why you would play as him though, as he has limited movement and articulation, and his weapon is made of plastic, so it doesn't do much damage. Still, you do have a chance to win when playing as this guy. A very slim chance. 
100px-SSB Mario Series
The former boss of Petey and Dry Bones, Bowser is a powerhouse in battle and can use fire breath to harm opponents. He also can throw Koopa Shells and Goombas at opponents, keeping them at bay. You should also watch out for his spiked Koopa Shell. 
Nack the Weasel
SSB Sonic Series
Nack is a fairly unknown character that appeared in 2 or 3 Sonic games, but still gained a large amount of fans in the Sonic fandom. Nack attacks using his trusty pistol, which can hit players from long distances. He also can perform the iconic Spin Dash attack that most Sonic characters are able to do. 
Mortal kombat smash logo
Sub-Zero is a member of the Lin Kuei and the arch-rival of undead ninja Scorpion. Or are they friends? I don't know. He can make duplicates of himself in ice, or shoot people with ice to trap them. He is also a strong fighter, using punches and kicks to knock out opponents. 

Assist Characters

Each character has their own personal assist they can call upon in battle, once they have completely charged up a certain power meter.

Character Assist Of... Info
Dino Piranha
Petey Pirahna 100px-SSB Mario Series
When summoned, Dino Piranha will proceed to chomp at nearby opponents while remaining stationary in it's place. It can also swing it's wrecking ball tail to do more damage.
Dry Bones 100px-SSB Mario Series
When summoned, Boo will possess the nearest enemy fighter and deal rapid damage to them from the inside.
Tome kizuna s2 by kirbopher15-d7x0d3i
When summoned, Kizuna will shoot laser blasts in different directions, dealing a good amount of damage to any poor sap that gets in their way.
Guts Man
Splash Woman SSB Mega Man series
When summoned, Guts Man will throw boulders at other fighters to knock them away. The boulders deal massive damage, but Guts Man will only throw a few before he disappears off the stage. 
Alakazam SSB Pokémon Series
When summoned, Abra will fly around the stage and shoot psychic blasts. He also can attack opponents with his weird claw feet and hands. 
Deranged Killer Snow Goons
Calvin & Hobbes Calvinhobbessymbol
Calvin somehow was able to make life from snow. This is the horrifying result. When summoned, the Deranged Killer Snow Goons will group up and corner players, pelting them with snow. They are virtually invincible, but after a bit they melt from the sun. 
Wily E Coyote
Ace Bunny SSB LooneyTunes2
A character from the actually good Looney Tunes. When summoned, he will fire Acme missiles and other weapons in completely random weapons, often getting himself harmed in the process. 
Popstar Kirby
Microphone Kirby
Ninja Kirby SSB Kirby Series
An inhabitant of the Kirby Spectrum, who makes songs for all Kirbies to enjoy. When summoned, he can send out soundwaves from his microphone, dealing damage to opponents. 
Ice Kirby
Fire Kirby SSB Kirby Series
An inhabitant of the Kirby Spectrum, Ice Kirby is known by his fellow Kirbies as a pretty cool guy. Haha I suck. When summoned, he will shoot ice beams across the stage, freezing players in their tracks. 
Bootleg Power Ranger SSB Unavaliable
Bootleg Power Ranger's giant robot mech. When summoned, the Bootlegazord will shoot lasers down on foes and wll also attack with his two Wing Swords. 
Bowser Jr Smash Bros
Bowser Jr.
Bowser 100px-SSB Mario Series
Bowser Jr. is Bowser's son, who is known for being very whiny and annoying. When summoned, Bowser Jr. will fly around in his Koopa Klown Kar and rain koopa shells, bob-ombs, and fireballs down on his opponents. 
Nack the Weasel SSB Sonic Series
Unlike Sonic, he doesn't chuckle. When summoned, Knuckles will glide around the stage and, when he lands, he'll throw punches and uppercuts at whoever gets near him. 
Sub-Zero Mortal kombat smash logo
Raiden is the protector of Earthrealm and God of Thunder. When summoned, Raiden whill shoot out lightning from his staff in many different directions, dealing massive damage to opponents. 

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