Official logo of Super Dudeball 2.

Super Dudeball 2
 is the sequel to 2011 video game Super Dudeball. It is released in 2013 on Wii U.UWiithe Future Nintendo (later unreleased after announce, 6 months ago, released as a prototype) and Nintendo VR. The game continues the adventures of a little green dude and his brother, a pink dude. They now explore new lands.

What is same and what is different

Sound effects are same in this game (all of them), but the backgrounds weren't. This is because how it was said in the announce, dude explores new lands. New music was added and old main menu music has replaced with a new one (because a new game is).

Controls (except Wii and VR)

On Wii U.U the game is controller via a console. It was a handheld console. It is controlled like Wii (instead of 2 it's a B button). It is unknown how the game was released for the Future Nintendo. Controls are same as 3DS'.

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