A story by ShadowDialga VGBoxart

One day, Mario was strolling down Mushroom lane, you know, doing his thing, too-too-tutu-too-too-toooo-tutu! Well, he sorta accidentally kinda maybe missed a mushroom and had a Goomba coming at him. He need not worry, for he had gotten a mushroom, right? Well, as he was plunging to the bottom of the screen, he realized not. Well, Mario's outta the picture (wasted one-too many lives with Bowser), but what about the Mushroom, well, see, it landed near a Paratroopa, who flew it to his family's roost so they could have dinner tonight. Unfortunately, that big bully Clepto stole it, and was knocked out of the sky by a Thunder Cloud! So the Mushroom fell, fell, and landed in Bowser's Castle! And that's where we are now!

Well, it just so happened that it was the end of the Shift for Colonel D. Bones, and he had not cought Mario. Now, Bowser had decided to pay commision, so if you no catch, you no get pay! Well, D.B no catch, so he walk home with no pay. (I'll cut out the baby talk now). He was pondering how to tell his wife and 3 kids they would go hungry AGAIN. Now, Dry Bones can't starve. They don't have stomachs. Still, if he kept all this failing up, his wife might lose faith in him. He didn't want that. He threw his arms into the air, screaming "Oh, brother, why can't I can't I catch any-"<<plop>>. He looked up. A mushroom had fallen into his outstreched arms! "AWESOME!!!!" he screamed, and dashed off towards the house.

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