Super Dorio Land is a 2015 side-scrolling platform video game designed and based off of the Super Mario series, starring the plumber Dorio, a "bootleg" yellow and black Mario who was cursed with the ability to only walk on flat surfaces and summon doors. Rather than being designed as if for modern consoles, it was designed to look like it were a NES title in terms of graphics and even has similar physics to a few classic Mario titles, although makes extensive use of the V²'s controller instead of relying on a few select buttons.

The game's plotline features a kid named Drake in the Super Mario universe drawing his own "Mario original character", titling it Dorio who had the ability to open and shut doors.  However, the kid became one of many victims of the Minus Glitch, which turned the land into a bootleg-esque landscape, with glitched blocks and textures overwhelming the world.  Thanks to the lack of logistics in the universe, Dorio came out from the drawing, although lacked any real ability to do anything besides walk on flat surfaces and open and shut doors.  Thinking that saving his "master" was the great thing to do, this laughable hero set out to do what heroes do best: saving people.

It is set to have an HD remake by scorpistar⭐.


Super Dorio Land bears many similarities to the root Super Mario franchise, being a side-scrolling platform game that focuses on getting Dorio from the beginning to the end of the level.  However, doing so is fairly difficult as Dorio can only walk on flat surfaces and open and shut doors, despite the fact that he gains new abilities in each world in a manner similar to Shantae and the Pirate's Curse, which allows him to better navigate the earlier levels and allows him to pass through later ones.  To get to the end of the level, Dorio needs to find a singular spirit that he needs to get to the end of the level just by absorbing it, and the spirit is used to open the door.  Using doors normally just means pushing existing ones down to use as 'actually climbable ramps' of sorts.  Dorio can have up to five doors at once on screen.

There are a total of forty levels within Super Dorio Land, and every four story-related levels contains a boss at the end that Dorio must defeat.  In each of the twelve worlds (eight of which being mandatory), there are five levels: two basic side-scroller levels, an auto-scrolling level, a puzzle level, and a challenge level that replaces the typical "castle" levels found in Mario games.  As the worlds progress, obstacles get added to the game's formula, such as one-way gates, springboards that lfit Dorio to new heights to compensate for the lack of an ability to jump, and ladders that Dorio can climb.

As Dorio gains power-ups, he gains new abilities, like the ability to climb even the slightest of slopes, use enough weight to press switches, and forming two warp doors to help him get beyond walls.  Near the end of the game, Dorio gains the ability to jump after it was decided that he suffered enough.  Initially, Dorio cannot even harm a fly by normal means, but gains the ability early game to smack his doors into enemies and eventually use them to shield against projectiles.  These are such simple abilities, but Dorio was built to be fairly lacking in everything.

Dorio's health system relies on four hearts.  If he takes damage in any way, he will lose a single heart.  If he loses all four hearts, Dorio is defeated and the player is forced to restart from the level's beginning, losing a life in the process, and if they lose all lives, the player receives a game over.  To prevent this, the player must collect ten coins spaced throughout the levels of Super Dorio Land.  These coins are identical to those in the original Super Mario franchise, but they are very rare in comparison and are often found in either somewhat hard to reach locations or definitely hard to reach locations.

Thanks to nearly all of these attributes, Super Dorio Land has been referred to as a difficult game, yet it can be easily approached by both casual and hardcore gamers alike.



Dorio is literally Mario in appearance just with a black and yellow palette, and does not have most of his mechanics and can't even jump.  Instead of being a rad plumber, he is a sore loser with a bad reputation for being unable to save princesses or people in general, and only has the ability to summon doors, and otherwise can only walk on flat surfaces until he gains new abilities.


Literally Luigi in appearance just with a black and violet palette, Handigi is literally just the player 2 option in Super Dorio Land.  He has all of his brother's problems, like being unable to climb slopes and only able to walk on flat surfaces until he gets new abilities.  He is brave and not scared of everything, until he is, according to Drake.  He has no real relevance to the storyline.


The creator of Dorio, he was inspired by Mario to create his own "original" character, so he created Dorio, but was "careful" with design, making him have a "cool palette" and "terrible attributes so people can feel sorry for him".  While Dorio sort of resents his creator, he goes out to save him after the Minus Glitch took him away.  During his time as captive, Drake is creating more characters...

Minus Lord

The first Goomba ever in the Mario series, he was tired of everything stomping on him and he encountered the Minus World glitch, which he chose to spread to the world to just kill Mario.  There really isn't much to him other than he's old Bowser plus old generic villains.



Problem Plains

The first world of the game isn't really that difficult.  It's a simple land that's mostly flat in appearance, and tests Dorio's ability to at least put down doors.  The enemies here are simplistic (Goombas) and can be led through doors to die in bottomless pits.  Here, Dorio can put down doors to use as bridges or walls of sorts, and it's meant to test the player's skills to prepare them for the tougher challenges ahead.

Defect Desert

The second world has annoying enemies (Koopa Troopas, Pokeys) that cannot be defeated, but Koopa Shells can be touched to send flying.  Defect Desert damages Dorio for every ten seconds he spends not in the shade, so he needs to be in the shade most of the time if he can help it.  Defect Desert introduces one-way gates and crushing devices to the player, which must be dealt with carefully.  He can learn how to attack enemies for real here.

Bug Bay

Third world, Bug Bay has underwater sections that Dorio cannot swim in initially, but gains the ability to do such in the third level of the world.  Even when underwater, Dorio can drown if he's in it for thirty seconds, so he needs to always find a way out of the water as soon as possible.  Bug Bay properly introduces springboards, which can help Dorio get out of water or get to new heights.  Bug Bay includes the new Cheep Cheeps and Piranha Plants.

Glitch Glacier

In this odd place, things seem to be frozen up.  Dorio must be careful as this level features a lot of slopes he'll have to slide down, and he needs to have a door ready in order to block enemies.  This world teaches Dorio how to go up slopes eventually.  Winter conditions will freeze Dorio in place if he's in the open atmosphere for fifteen seconds, so he needs to seek shelter very fast once exposed.  It introduces Freezies and Shy Guys.

Flaw Forest

The fifth world, and the first to feature Monty Moles, Flaw Forest is about being quick as things from the darkness tend to spook out Dorio, and if he's attacked, he'll be frozen for three seconds, rendering him vulnerable to attacks.  This place teaches him how to use warp doors and also introduces the switch mechanics, which allow Dorio to finally press switches after he had to find his way around them in the earlier worlds.

Mishap Mountain

The sixth world, this place introduces Bullet Bill cannons and Lakitus, two of the most annoying enemies, and features Bombshell Koopas as well.  The place allows Dorio to finally climb ladders, helping ease him of his fear of heights, although he still can't jump.  Later levels in Mishap Mountain feature superheated areas that make Dorio take damage if exposed to them for more than ten seconds.  Touching lava is, sadly, instant death.

Snafu Sky

Snafu Sky is the seventh world and now introduces Hammer Bros. and Podoboos, as well as Pidgits to Dorio.  These enemies must be avoided carefully as they can really catch Dorio off guard.  In Snafu Sky, Dorio can now hold a door with wings to hover over gaps when he falls off of them, but still cannot jump.  The wind in Snafu Sky is pretty intense, and can push around Dorio off the levels if he isn't careful enough with his life.

Error Empire

The final world finally teaches Dorio how to actually jump, at least in its final level.  Introducing Bob-Ombs, Snifits, and Ninjis as the last enemies, Dorio must overcome all of his fears (and the player) and put their door-using abilities to the test.  Error Empire has heat and freeze problems, as well as wind and darkness and essentially every dangerous hazard introduced in the previous levels, also giant Goombas that destroy everything.


There are various power-ups in Super Dorio Land, and when each one is gained, Dorio becomes able to use a talent that he hasn't been able to use in any other level before.  This severely increases his survival capabilities and he can use these as an advantage against bosses or obstacles that he's faced in previous levels.

  • Existing: He gains this in the very first level.  This enables him to exist.
  • Door Smacking: Allows him to smash doors into enemies.  Learns this in 2-2.
  • Swimming: Gains this in 3-3, allows him to swim underwater.
  • Slope Climbing: Enables Dorio to climb slopes.  Gains this in 4-2.
  • Switch Pressing: Allows Dorio to press switches with new weight.  Gains this in 5-1.
  • Door Warping: Enables Dorio to use warp doors.  Can use these in 5-4.
  • Ladder Climbing: Allows him to go up ladders.  Learns this in 6-3.
  • Door Gliding: Obtaining this ability in 7-1, Dorio can use a winged door to glide across gaps.
  • Jumping: Gains this in the very, very last level.  Allows him to jump.


There are several bosses in Super Dorio Land, one in each fifth level.  Bosses are different than all enemies within the game, and they usually cannot be damaged.  Instead, the bosses must be tricked into defeating themselves as Dorio is not good enough to actually damage any of the bosses besides the last one.

  • Giant Goomba: The first boss.  Dorio needs to lure it into a bottomless pit.  That is all.
  • Pokey Duo: A duo of Pokeys that trap Dorio that must be defeated.  Dorio needs to smack the Pokey bits with his door in order to defeat them, although if they're not both smacked down in time, they'll regenerate their bodies and just continue the battle.
  • Big Blue Button: A big button that is easily pressed, but can only be suched underwater.  As such, Dorio needs to avoid the turrets that the button uses and wait for the arena to go underwater, then climb atop the button and smash it to do damage.  It'll repeat til its over.
  • Donkey Kong: This big ape throws barrels to try and kill Dorio, but he needs to be wise and avoid the barrels and wait for Donkey Kong to tilt his platform, which allows Dorio to climb it and hit the barrels with his door in order to hit Donkey Kong.  If hit enough, Donkey Kong will go on a rampage that makes many barrels drop.
  • Surge: This general tosses electricity bolts all over the stage, which Dorio must avoid and reflect with his doors to actually damage Surge's defenses.  When they're weakened, Dorio must make the bolts go through warp doors and hit Surge from behind to make sure that he can't escape easily.
  • Naval Piranha: This familiar beast, now residing in a mountain for some reason, tosses its vines everywhere to hit Dorio, but he can use warp doors to make the beast hit itself with them.  He must climb the ladders and hit switches to disable Naval Piranha's ability to move when he needs to prepare doors.
  • Inverse Dorio: The edgy dark clone of Dorio, they literally move at the same time, towards each other, and move away from each other, and have the same skills.  Dorio must use warp doors to lean the weapons towards Inverse Dorio, but the inverse can toss them back if the original Dorio isn't careful.
  • Minus Lord: The final boss, it is a Goomba that is invincible to everything but stomps to the head, but that's when Drake said "eh you suffered enough", and allowed Dorio to have his powers back.  Minus Lord moves at high speeds and can fire bullets from a cannon, but he can stomped on to take damage.  Kind of ironically easy.


  • Dorio - and this game - are jokes on typical Super Mario fan games with "original characters".
  • Super Dorio Land is obviously named after Super Mario Land.