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Super Daisy World is a game released for the Wii U in June 2012. In this game, you will control Princess Daisy through various worlds and levels, in order to save Mario, Luigi, the Toads and Princess Peach, with the help of a few partners.

In this game, Daisy wears her sports outfit, probably because she always commonly wears it.



File:120px-MP8 Birdo.png
Daisy can ride on Birdo as well as she can pound Birdo and she'll spit an Egg. (Ice cubes or fire balls if she has a power up) She can also suck the enemies and turn them into eggs.
Toadette can grab mushrooms and other Power-ups to use them later. Toadette can also protect Daisy using Ice Cubes or Fire Balls if they are powered-up.
Rosalina with Luma
Rosalina can hover over canyons and mountains, and even though she can't get powered up, her Lumas can, and they might give you star bits. (Work as energy)
Tumble can have surpises inside his cap and he can transform into a regular dice and pound the enemies if you hit him with your head.
Lakilester can throw spinies at other characters and can also throw lightning bolts off his cloud. You can hop in it, but only for a short time.
Goombella is the last partner you will only use her twice. She can headbonk the other enemies and tattle the locations and people. She can also spin and kill everyone who's close.

Friendly Characters

File:120px-Yoshi Bowling.png
Yoshis are dinosaurs that live in each world. In each world their colours are different and they host different kinds of mini-games, where you can win Power-ups! Winning all of their mini-games, you can play with Yoshi on various mini-games (not host by him)
File:133px-Red Blue Toad.png
Toads host their own Item shops and they may have various in each world. Their friends got kidnapped, they got to help! Visiting all of their shops, you can play with Toad on various mini-games!
Nokis host races where, if you win, you can get 1-ups and lots of coins to spend in their "Stuff Shops", where you can buy character figurines, world images, etc. Winning all of their races, you can play with Blue Noki on various mini-games!
Mario has been kidnapped by Bowser and the Koopa Troop! If you go all the way and save him, you can play with him on various mini-games!
Luigi has been kidnapped by Bowser and the Koopa Troop! If you go all the way and save him, you can play with him on various mini-games!
Princess Peach has been kidnapped by Bowser and the Koopa Troop! If you go all the way and save her, you can play with her on various mini-games!
Toad Group

the toads

Toad Brigade has been kidnapped by Bowser and the Koopa Troop! If you go all the way and save them, they'll thank you!



Obviously, Goombas return!

  • Goombas (Overworld, Cave, Castle)
  • Shoe Goombas (Overworld, Castle)
  • Gloombas (Cave)
  • Killer Shoe Goombas (Castle)
  • Koopa Troopas (Overworld, Cave, Castle)
  • Red Troopas (Overworld, Athletic, Castle)
  • Paratroopas (Overworld, Athletic, Castle)
  • Red Paratroopas (Overworld, Athletic, Castle)
  • Nokobombs (Overworld, Cave, Castle)
  • Lakitu (Overworld, Athletic, Castle)
  • Red Lakitu (Athletic)
  • Piranha Plant (Overworld, Cave, Athletic, Castle)
  • Paragoombas (Overworld, Athletic, Castle)
  • Paragloombas (Cave)
  • Podoboos (Castle)
  • Boos (Mansion, Castle)
  • Ghost Goombas (NEW: Mansion)
  • Ghost Koopas (NEW: Mansion, Castle)
  • Ghost Lakitus (NEW: Mansion, Castle)
  • Rex (Overworld, Castle)
  • Blooper (Underwater)
  • Cheep Cheeps (Underwater)
  • Swimming Goombas (NEW:Underwater)
  • Swimming Koopas (NEW: Underwater)
  • Hammer Bros. (Overworld, Cave, Mansion, Castle)
  • Fire Bros. (Overworld, Cave, Castle)
  • Ice Bros. (Overworld, Snow, Castle)
  • Ice Bully (Snow)
  • Ice Goombas (NEW: Snow)
  • Ice Koopas (NEW: Snow)
  • Sledge Bros. (Overworld, Cave, Mansion, Castle)
  • Amazing Flyin' Hammer Bro. (Athletic)

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