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Super Daisy RPG: Legend of the Rainbow Star, or more commonly known as Super Daisy RPG, is an upcoming game for the Wii that is created by SMRPG Fan and is set to be released sometime in Q4, 2008. In it, 3 people get kidnapped, and Princess Daisy must save them. The game play is to be exactly like Super Mario RPGs, so the game can only be played with a Classic Controller.


One day in the Mushroom Kingdom, Bowser decided that he would get rid of Peach, Mario and Luigi. So one night, he broke into their houses and kidnapped them. The next day, Princess Daisy came to visit her friends, only to hear the following: "Guess what! I heard that Bowser kidnapped Mario, Luigi, and Peach!! I also heard that he took them to the Dark Dimension!! Who can save them???" Upon hearing this, Daisy stepped up and said "I can". Without hesitating, she ran as fast as she could toward the Dark Dimension. Upon her arrival, she realized she couldn't enter. Then she heard a faint voice speaking to her, and it was saying "Daisy, to enter the Dark Dimension you must travel across the land and collect all seven shards of the Rainbow Star. " Daisy then left to collect the shards.


  • Princess Daisy: The main hero. She can really pack a punch with her flower-themed attacks.
  • Rosalina: Daisy's first partner. She can unleash magic spells that leave bad guys crying.
  • Goombario: His home fell under Bowser's control soon after Mario, Luigi, and Peach were kidnapped. He can beat bad guys with the dictionaries he took when he left.
  • Lemmy Koopa: He is actually mad about what his dad did, the main reason he's mad at him is because his dad forgot to take him along to the Dark Dimension during the kidnapping. To get back, he joins Daisy's team. He can freeze enemies with his ice-themed attacks.
  • Toadette: Daisy's last partner. She is good to have on the team because she can heal the group and give them some defense.


Here are some of the known bosses.

  • Toadina (HP: 50): A little toad brat who tries to force Daisy to make her part of her team. She shouldn't be too hard, she only has 50 HP. Just use timed hits and she should toast.
  • Croco (HP: 200): The dino thief from Super Mario RPG is back! You will have Rosalina in this fight, so it will be easier to drain his HP. His main attack is to throw bombs at you, but sometimes he will heal himself. By now, Daisy should have her Smack Glove and Rosalina is unarmed. Use timed hits and a special attack or two and he should be history...for now.

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