Super Daisy Adventure is a game starring Daisy released for the Game Boy Color in 1998.


When the game starts, the player can see a picture of Sarasaland. After that, Tatanga and his troops attack the kingdom. Pionpi Mayor warns Daisy about the attack, and Daisy immediatly offers to prevent Tatanga from attacking the kingdom.

After clearing the 4 worlds, Birabuto, Muda, Easton and Chai, the player gets to fight Tatanga. However, Tatanga runs away and builds a castle on top of a hill on Mushroom Kingdom. Then there are other 4 worlds: Lost Forest, Shroomlake, Holy Cave and Portsdom. The player can then defeat Tatanga and clear the game.


The player can move Daisy using the + Control Pad. By pressing A the player can jump, and can ground pound by pressing it twice. By holding B the player can run.

The controls itself are very simple, yet limited due to the Game Boy Color's limitations.




  • Pionpi Mayor (warns Daisy about the attack)
  • Pionpstein (he makes cool gadgets for Daisy)
  • Pionpella (she appears on the loading screens where she gives tips)
  • Lakitu (he holds the Level Complete sign)
  • Lonely Gao (he is found on the world map and may spit 1-ups if you give him coins)
  • Toads (random storyline people)


Enemies in bold are new. Enemies in Italic are only seen in this game.



  • Frighter Fly
  • Bunbun
  • Gao
  • Spineloop (Spiny-like enemies)
  • Poisonunbun (You can't jump on this Bunbuns)


  • Honen
  • Mekabon
  • Gold Mekabon (a Mekabon that is immune to fireballs)
  • Mekabon Tower (a tower made of three Mekabons)
  • Yurarin Boo
  • Yurarin
  • Fly Guy
  • Torion
  • Giga Torion (basically big Torions)
  • Mariners (they ride submarines and shoot missiles)


  • Tokotoko
  • Speed Tokotoko (they run even faster than regular Tokotokos and are blue)
  • Spiked Tokotoko (they have spikes and may only be defeated with fireballs)
  • Batadon
  • Ganchan
  • Suu
  • Kumo
  • Metal Ganchan (just like a Ganchan but made of metal, so kills Daisy with just a shot)


  • Pionpi
  • Pompon Flower
  • Foe-lasers (blue lasers that harm Daisy)
  • Roto-Disc
  • Nyololin
  • Aftore (Bob-omb spitting enemies)
  • Chicken
  • Glitter
  • Firey Block (blocks that fly and are firey)
  • Roketon

Lost Forest


Holy Cave


  • Most of the enemies return in this area.

Tatanga Battle Arena

  • In this unnamed arena, unnamed Green Globe-like enemies appear and are produced by Tatanga's spaceship.


  • Queen Fly (Birabuto Boss)
  • Aqua Guy (Muda Boss)
  • Horromo (Easton Boss)
  • Nyololatto (Chai Boss 1)
  • Tatanga 1 (Chai Boss 2)
  • Ukiki King (Lost Forest Boss)
  • Big Blooper (Shroomlake Boss)
  • Spike Bros. (Holy Cave Bosses)
  • Tatanga 2 (Portsdom Boss)
  • Tatanga 3 (Final Boss)


# World 1 (Birabuto) Type Boss
1-1 Birabuto Desert 1 Overworld N/A
1-2 Birabuto Palms Athletic N/A
1-3 Birabuto Desert 2 Overworld N/A
1-4 Birabuto Pyramid 1 Underground N/A
1-5 Birabuto Pyramid 2 Underground Queen Fly
# World 2 (Muda) Type Boss
2-1 Muda Beach Overworld N/A
2-2 Muda Waters Sea N/A
2-3 Muda Highs 1 Athletic N/A
2-4 Muda Highs 2 Athletic N/A
2-5 Underwater Cave Sea Aqua Guy
# World 3 (Easton) Type Boss
3-1 Spider Mine 1 Underground N/A
3-2 Easton Isles 1 Overworld N/A
3-3 Easton Isles 2 Overworld N/A
3-4 Clear Skies Sky N/A
3-5 Spider Mine 2 Underground Horromo
# World 4 (Chai) Type Boss
4-1 Chai Center 1 Overworld N/A
4-2 Chai Lakeside Athletic N/A
4-3 Air Zone 1 Sky N/A
4-4 Chai Center 2 Overworld N/A
4-5 Air Zone 2 Sky Nyololatto, Tatanga 1
# World 5 (Lost Forest) Type Boss
5-1 Vine Jungle 1 Athletic N/A
5-2 Pine Ville 1 Overworld N/A
5-3 Pine Ville 2 Overworld N/A
5-4 Vine Jungle 2 Athletic N/A
5-5 Big Jungle Hut Castle Ukiki King
# World 6 (Shroomlake) Type Boss
6-1 Lakeside Park 1 Athletic N/A
6-2 Lakeside Park 2 Athletic N/A
6-3 Deep Lake 1 Sea N/A
6-4 Deep Lake 2 Sea N/A
6-5 Underwater Castle Castle Big Blooper
# World 7 (Holy Cave) Type Boss
7-1 Caveman Path Overworld N/A
7-2 Creepy Underground 1 Underground N/A
7-3 Creepy Underground 2 Underground N/A
7-4 Dirty Waters Sea N/A
7-5 Creepy Underground 3 Underground Spike Bros.
# World 8 (Portsdom) Type Boss
8-1 Shroom Airlines 1 Sky N/A
8-2 Portsdom Blooms 1 Overworld N/A
8-3 Portsdom Blooms 2 Overworld N/A
8-4 Shroom Airlines 2 Sky N/A
8-5 Portsdom Castle Castle Tatanga 2
END Tatanga Battle Arena Final Boss Tatanga 3




  • 1-Up Mushroom - gets Daisy an extra life
  • Coin - various spread through the levels
  • Daisy Coins - coins with a Daisy face. 5 in each level.
  • Red Coin - 15 in each level. Finding them all gives you 5 1-ups.


  • Power-Up Machine - gives you a random power-up.
  • Mermaid Machine - turns Daisy into a mermaid that shoots fireballs.
  • Angel Machine - turns Daisy into an angel that shoots fireballs.
  • Anti-Tatanga Ship - used on the final mission.


  • Brick Block - nothing inside it (can have something sometimes).
  • ? Block - coin or power-up inside.
  • Save Block - allows you to save.


Most of the music in this game are remixed.

Overworld - Remix of Super Mario Land 2 Athletic.

Athletic - New music made for this game.

Underground - Remix of Super Mario Land Easton song.

Sky - New music made for this game, but sounds like the beats of the Athletic Theme.

Boss - Remix of SMB2 boss.

Final Boss - Remix of SM64 boss.

Sea - Remix of SMB underwater theme.

Castle - New music made for this game.


  • The game was originally going to be released for the original Game Boy, but was moved to the Game Boy Color after its release.
  • The back of the game box says that Horromo is the king of the Suus, but; in fact, he is the king of the Kumos (Horromo is a portmanteau of Horror and Kumo).
  • Originally, Spike Bros. were only one (Spike Bro.).

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