Super Daisy Advance is a game in the Super Daisy series. It was released in 2001 for the Game Boy Advance system and, like both predecessors, stars Daisy. However, this time around, it is possible to play with Princess Peach. Playing with Peach is not possible in future installments on the system, because she was the main captive.

This is also the last game in the Super Daisy installments on GBA in which the final boss is Tatanga, as he would be replaced by Kammy Koopa in both sucessors.

Also, this game takes place in the Mushroom Kingdom.


This game has a storyline with cutscenes. The cutscenes have dialogue.

Cutscene 1: Start of the Game

Narrator: It was a peaceful day in the Mushroom Kingdom...

One day, however, the evil alien Tatanga invaded... He kidnapped Mario and Luigi.

Everything was in a rush. Princess Peach, however, saw her phone...

And phoned her friend, Daisy.

Peach: Daisy! Daisy! Please help me!

Evil Tatanga invaded my kingdom... I can't stand this anymore!

Can you give me a hand, please?

Daisy: Ok, ok! Be there in a moment!

But Peach, Peach! So you're not always worried...

YOU! Come with me!

Narrator: So here goes Daisy, with her friend Peach.

Saving Mushroom Kingdom, they're ready to beat Tatanga, the Mysteryous Spaceman!

Cutscene 2: World 1 Complete

Narrator: Peach and Daisy have beaten Goombo King...

They recovered the first Power Star!

Daisy: We did it! Yeah!

Peach... you ain't scared that much, are you?

Peach: No! If I need to save my kingdom, I'll do it!

Daisy: That's the spirit, Peach! No need to be scared!

You are now full of joy!

Let's go for the next Power Star!

Cutscene 3: World 2 Complete

Narrator: No more nasty Baby Bowser Trio!

Here is the second Power Star!

Peach: Am I doing any good, Daisy?

Daisy: You are Peach! Soon this will get back to normal!

Tatanga, though rival... You won't resist!

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