Super Daisy is a free-world game developed by Twenty-Second Choice for the Novaya, with a setting based on the Mario series and gameplay based on Batman: Arkham Asylum and it's sequel Batman: Arkham City.


Super Daisy takes place in an alternate version of the Mario series, where power-ups are much more rare but their effects take place permanently (although in most cases, they are toggle-able).

The game occurs 50 years after the Mushroom Kingdom's political revolution and subsequent transformation into the Mushroom Republic. Luigi, the president of the Mushroom Republic, lives in Mushroom City, which is protected by the superhero Super Daisy, who has the power of a Super Leaf, and her mysterious sidekick Geno Boy.


  • Super Daisy
  • Geno Boy: Super Daisy's sidekick.
  • Toadsworth: The previous royal advisor, he remained in Mushroom City following the revolution and eventually came to serve as Daisy's teacher for martial arts and the use of her Super Leaf abilities.
  • President Luigi Mario: The cowardly president of the Mushroom Republic, his cowardice makes him easily give in to criminal's demands.
  • Great Gonzales: Another well-known superhero in Mushroom City, he has the powers of a Fire Flower.


  • Peach Toadstool: The daughter of the previous King Toadstool, who was overthrown during the revolution, and wishes to regain her position as Princess through force.
  • Yoshi: A giant robot.
  • Wario: The leader of a criminal gang in the city.


Collectable via story progress and through completing side missions are various comics, which are drawn in a style reminiscent of classic superhero comics, and which detail the back story of the different characters in the game.

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