Super Crossover Fighting Adventure
Super Crossover Fighting Adventure

Playable Characters

Starting Characters

Character Picture Character Series
Mario, the main hero of the Super Mario Series. Saved the galaxy twice, saved the Damsel in Distress countless times. Brother of Luigi, and rivals with Bowser and Wario. As Nintendo's Mascot he is one of the main characters.

Super Mario

Luigi, the brother of Mario.Along with having his own game series, Luigi's Mansion, and being rivals with King Boo and Waluigi. 

Luigi's Mansion

Bowser SSB4
The main villain of the Super Mario series. While sometimes in games such as Super Paper Mario, Bowser had to help Mario through his quest. Then return back to capturing Peach and trying to destroy Mario.

Super Mario

Princess Peach Bubble Artwork - Mario Party Island Tour
The Damsel in Distress of Mario, Princess Peach has been playable in some Mario Series games, such as Super Princess Peach, Mario Kart games, Mario Party games, Super Mario Brothers 2, and Super Mario 3D World. She does have Perry the Umbrella from SPP at her side to assist her in this battle.

Super Mario

407px-SSB4 - Sonic Artwork
Sonic, the mascot of Sega. Along as a friendly rival of Mario. He runs around at the speed of sound, best friends with Miles 'Tails' Prower, and is rivals with Shadow. Also stalked by Amy. He can Homing Attack and Spindash, and use other skills from past games.

Sonic the Hedgehog

Ashura by jackydik-d5h27at
Ashura, the Glitch Counterpart of Sonic. Yes that's right we are giving a slot to a glitch, that I'd bet a lot of people didn't know existed! Glitch..yeah...He can glitch things. And glitch..things...yeah..

Sonic the Hedgehog

Miles 'Tails' Prower. Often caled Tails. Sidekick of Soinc, very young machanic, flight of Team Sonic, and according to the shows, Sonic's adopted brother. For being about 8/9/10/11/12/Anyotheragehecouldbe, he is a great sidekick in deed.

Sonic the Hedgehog

Steve, the design for newbies on Minecraft. Also, one of the main heroes of SCFA. He has a Picaxe, a Sword, and can call in some farming animals to attack his foes.


Enderman, mostly only added as a playable for being the author of SCFA's favorite Mob. Enderman has attacks similar to his gameplay in Minecraft. Picking up blocks, teleporting, and others.


Kirby garridk
The pink puffball hero of Dreamland. He can inhale his enemies and take their power. He can fly. He can use fighting powers. He can turn to stone. He can do tons of other things too!


The rival of Kirby, and driver of the Halberd. He leads a group called 'The Meta-Knights'. He also wields the Galaxia.


The king of Dreamland, King Dedede and a rival of Kirby. He has a army of Waddle Dees at his side to assist him in the fight.


Megaman, the Blue Bomber. Along with being the brother of Protoman, Cutman, Fireman, Bombman, Iceman, Gutsman, and Elecman. He can use powers from Megaman 1-6. The retro oringinal games.


Protoman welcomebot
Protoman, the brother of Megaman. With him you can become Breakman also. And use the Protosheild and Protobuster to take out anyone in his path. Except who is on his team.


Olimar a
Captain Olimar, the main character of Pikmin 1/2. And supporting character from Pikmin 3. He leads armies of Pikmin to defeat his foes.


435px-Scout highFiveSuccessFull
One of the best TF2 Classes! Atleast once you get good aim. But on here good aim doesn't matter. Just running around shooting everything. But with color swaps he can be on Red or Blu. Not like it matters if he battled Mario or Sonic. Right now he's just in the ring of honor, to see who can best him!

Team Fortress 2

Unlockable Characters

Character Picture Series How to Unlock
The rival of Sonic, and the Ultimate Lifeform. Shadow the Hedgehog. He is one of the four main Hedgehogs, and has the power of the Chaos Emerald to help him in battle.
Sonic the Hedgehog Encounter in Story Mode/Win 10 battles with Sonic
Amy Rose, the Sonic Stalker, who wields a giant hammer called the PikoPiko Hammer. She uses it in battle to help, the downside being she cannot spindash like Sonic, Tails, and Shadow.
Sonic the Hedgehog Encounter in Story Mode/Win 5 battles with any Sonic Character
185px-Pac-Man character art - The Adventure Begins
Pac-Man, the ghost chomper. Sure it's strange to bite your foes in battle, but they did it in SSBB. He also has agility, and can use other types of combat to make him more useful in this game.
Pac-Man Encounter in Story Mode/Win 20 Games as Steve
Rosalina commands the Comet Observatory, she protects and watches the cosmos, along with the Lumas. She also has the 2P Orange Luma at her side in battle.
Super Mario Encounter in Story Mode/Win 20 Games as any Mario Character
Once again, a character chosen from favorites of the Author. Iggy Koopa, the crazy, Koopaling that chases you around in a Chain Chomp sometimes. Along with calling in help from one of his brother's Larry. With his pet Chain Chomp, his wand's powers, and Larry coming out of nowhere to punch a enemy in the face, he joins the battle!
Super Mario Encounter in Story Mode/Win as Bowser 30 times
King boo dark moon vector by kingboo10-d5ypbvi
The king of Ghost, King Boo. Enemy of Luigi. Along with having army of Boos.
Luigi's Mansion Encounter in Story Mode/Win 40 Rounds as Luigi
The Soldier, the one noone could best in the ring of honor, the one that said the ring of honor thing in Meet the Soldier that makes me say it on every TF2 character! He's got a Bazooka, a Shotgun, and a Shovel at his side. He shows no mercy to his foes. No. Mercy.
Team Fortress 2 Encounter in Story Mode/Win 50 Rounds as Scout
Bandana Dee KTD
Badana Dee, the assistant of King Dedede. He wields a spear, and wears a badana, and was playable, so he is now special.
Kirby Encounter in Story Mode/Play as King Dedede 20 times
Turrets, from Aperture Science! Due to their body being able to open with a machine gun full of bullets, these guys made the cut to be a playable. While GLaDOS would not be able to walk around the stage, or Wheatley and any other Core doesn't have much fighting abillities. But we have a slot planned for them in Story Mode.
Portal Encounter in Story Mode
The Kalos Grass Starter, Chespin! He can use attacks from Pokemon X/Y and take out his foes.
Pokemon Encounter in Story Mode/Play 30 Rounds as Link
Zoroark, the shapeshifting Pokemon. He can turn into foes, but once attacked will turn normal.
Pokemon Encounter in Story Mode/Play as Chespin 20 times
Pac-Man And The Ghostly Adventure's Blinky
Blinky, the main Ghost from Pac-Man. He can call in the other ghost, Inky, Pinky, and Clyde, and chase down enemies and throw ghost slime at them.
Pac-Man Encounter in Story Mode/Win as Pac-Man 40 times
Mii Mario
You can choose any Mii and have them dress like a random fighter. They'll have there own move set alongside a attack from their costume's character.
Nintendo Play 500 Rounds
Minecraft Zombies. One of the main Mobs of the game. Sure they are slow, but they are strong. 
Minecraft Encounter in Story Mode/Win 40 Games as Enderman
The Final Boss of the game, becomes playable once defeated. He is quite possibly the most powerful character in the game.
Minecraft Complete Story Mode


Picture Series Unlockable
Super Mario Starter
Team Fortress 2 Starter
Pacman Original
Pac-Man Unlock Pac-Man
Sonic the Hedgehog Starter
Kirby Unlock Bandana Dee
Mario Unlock Mii
Minecraft Unlock Zombie
Luigi's Mansion Unlock King Boo
GreenHillZone Sonic and SEGA
Sonic the Hedgehog Unlock Amy
Nintendo Unlock Mii
Pokemon Unlock Chespin
SSB5 Garden
Pikmin Starter
Sonic lost world

(Note, you ride on the Tornado and it flys around areas of Lost Hex)

Sonic the Hedgehog Unlock Shadow
GLaDOS Central AI Chamber Portal
Portal Unlock Turret
Castillo del Dr. Wily SSB4 (Wii U)
Megaman Starter
Super Mario Unlock Iggy Koopa
Minecraft Unlock Herobrine

Assist Trophies

Picture Powers Series
Walks around attacking foes. Vanishes after 20 seconds Minecraft
Creeper SMSS2AB
Explodes 7 seconds after spawned inflicting lots of damage on anyone including the one who spawned it that got in the explosion. Minecraft
Flys around dropping Spinys to attack foes and vanishes after 30 seconds Super Mario
Runs around stage attacking players along with stealing items and vanishes after 20 seconds Super Mario
Throws boxes and cars at stage harming foes and vanishes after 20 seconds Sonic the Hedgehog
Blast Zone
Flies around stage dropping bombs and vanishes after 15 seconds Skylanders
Turns invisible and backstabs a foe and vanishes after backstab Team Fortress 2
Stands on random tall object in background, or comes in on Helicopter, and snipes a random foe and vanishes Team Fortress 2
Hits random foes with beams and vanishes after 20 seconds Kirby
Player who spawns Yoshi rides around on them and does 20% extra damage Yoshi's Island
Bomberman TCS5
Drops bombs around stage and vanishes after explosion Bomberman

Story Mode will be added soon.

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