Super Crash Bros. Racing is a new game for the Wii. Like Super Smash Bros, it combines many Nintendo characters, but instead they are racing.


Miis can be in all weight classes. This brings the total to 35 characters.





Mushroom Cup

  • Mario Circut: The first and easiest racetrack, from the Mario series. It is almost taken directly out of Mario Kart Wii.
  • Hyrule Field: The second racetrack, this is a pit harder. You go through Lon Lon Ranch and the Bridge of Eldin as well as the field. Sometimes it will change from day to night and Big Poes will fly around.
  • Green Greens: The third racetrack, from the Kirby series. Waddle Dees wander around the course, creating obstacles.
  • Mt. Moon: The final racetrack in the Mushroom Cup, this is from the Pokémon series. Puddles of water will make you slip and Zubat will fly out of the cave, hitting your car. This track goes both inside and outside the mountain. If you are racing at night, Clefairy will dance at the entrance of the cave.

Pokeball Cup

  • Onett: The first course of the Pokeball Cup, from Earthbound. You race through Onett, and sometimes cars will hit you.
  • Awakening Wood: This track is from Pikmin. Many monsters from Pikmin will walk across the course.

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