The third and currently last of the Super Colons Sis. series. Another sequel is planned. This game introduces third and fourth player.


Epica, Sarona, Fawful, and Midbus are summoned to the castle by Cackletta. They are surprised by a frantic Cackletta, who tells them that Ahaz has been kidnapped. The culprit is none other than Durak. He tells the five that in order to save Ahaz, Cackletta must willingly come with him back to Vela Palace. The Colons opt to recklessly dive at Durak, who flees. Fawful and Midbus also take up the chase, and so the adventure begins.

Playable Characters






It is a random order of the Vela Family.

World 8 Tower features Durak himself. The castle features Metal Mario.


Fire Flower

Ice Flower

Thunder Flower

Wind Flower

Chicken Suit

Penguin Suit


  • Durak is finally featured as the main antagonist, even though he is not the final boss.
  • That distinction goes to Metal Mario.
  • This game has not been made into a demo yet.

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