The second installment in the Super Colons Sis. series, and second game overall of the Epica continuity.


One day, while Epica was lounging at the beach with Sarona, when Bowser appears declaring he has kidnapped Cackletta and is holding her at his castle. If they want to save her, the are to bring Mario and Peach to his castle. Undeterred and defiantly, they opt to set out and rescue Cackletta.

Playable Characters




Fire Flower

Wind Flower

Duck Suit

Tiger Suit


Larry Koopa- World 1

Morton Koopa Jr.- World 2

Wendy O. Koopa- World 3

Iggy Koopa- World 4

Roy Koopa- World 5

Lemmy Koopa- World 6

Ludwig von Koopa- World 7

Bowser Jr. and Bowser- World 8

Durak is fought in an airship after the castle battles in World 2, World 5 and before the final boss in World 8.


World 1- Southern Plains

World 2- Dry Oasis

World 3- Paradise Coast

World 4- Jape Jungle

World 5- Luna Valley

World 6- Frozone

World 7- Cloud Nine

World 8- Dark Land


  • This marks the first appearance of Durak in the Epica Series and the first major villain native to said series.
  • This game has been made into a demo.

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