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Super Bowser Jr's World is a game developed by Koopompany, for 3DS. It's the first game of the Bowser Jr's World's series. It's featured Bowser Jr and the Koopalings, against Mario and his friends.


Oh no! Mario, Luigi and Peach have bring Bowser to the prison for his dishonest actions that Bowser did in the past. Bowser Jr wants to save his father, but there's another problem: the Koopalings have been brought to the 7 prison in the Mushroom Kingdom. Bowser Jr must save all of them to beat Mario and his friends, and rescue his father!

Playable Characters

Image Name Stats
250px-Bowserjr MP9-g Bowser Jr Jump: 3/5

Speed: 3/5

Traction: 3/5

Strenght: 3/5

Larry M. Koopa Larry Koopa Jump: 4/5

Speed: 3/5

Traction: 3/5

Strenght: 2/5

150px-MortonNSMBU Morton Koopa Jr Jump: 1/5

Speed: 2/5

Traction: 5/5

Strenght: 4/5

Wendy O. W. Koopa Wendy O. Koopa Jump: 4/5

Speed: 3/5

Traction: 4/5

Strenght: 1/5

Iggy P. Koopa Iggy Koopa Jump: 5/5

Speed: 4/5

Traction: 1/5

Strenght: 2/5

Roy O. Koopa Roy Koopa Jump: 2/5

Speed: 1/5

Traction: 4/5

Strenght: 5/5

Lemmy K. Koopa Lemmy Koopa Jump: 1/5

Speed: 5/5

Traction: 5/5

Strenght: 1/5

Ludwig von B. Koopa Ludwig Von Koopa Jump: 5/5

Speed: 3/5

Traction: 2/5

Strenght: 2/5


Image Name Level Description
Captaintoadsmash5 Captain Toad W1-F








Wario Wario W1-C TBA
200px-Daisy MP10 Daisy W2-C TBA
Princess Peach (Fortune Street) Princess Peach W3-C TBA
WaluigiMP9 Waluigi W4-C TBA
73px-Toadsworth artwork -- Super Mario Sunshine Toadsworth W5-C TBA
Rosalina MP10 Rosalina W6-C TBA
LuigiSSBVFull Luigi W7-C TBA
155px-Mario Jump NSMBU Mario W8-C TBA


Name Theme Koopaling Rescued Boss
Koopa Land Carnival Larry Koopa Wario
Dusty Wasteland Desert Morton Koopa Jr Daisy
Blue Lagoon Seaside / Beach Wendy O. Koopa Peach
Gear Factory Factory Iggy Koopa Waluigi
Volcanic Jungle Jungle / Volcano Roy Koopa Toadsworth
Sweet Sweet Glacier Ice Lemmy Koopa Rosalina
Pipe Maze Pipe Ludwig Von Koopa Luigi
Mario's Castle Dark N/A Mario
Golden Road Mix N/A N/A

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