Bowser has a new plan that he will try this time hes gonna make even more monsters to attack at once but mushroom kingdom has alot of guards now bowser want there to stop all of them.


  • Bowser


  • Toad
  • Staff toad
  • Sword toad
  • Gun toad


  • Toad tank
  • Hammer luigi
  • Cape luigi
  • Frog luigi
  • Mario


  • Toad town

Find the star

  • Toad tower

Beat all toads

  • Toad fortress

Beat toad tank

  • Peach tower room 1-4

Get to room 5

  • Peach tower room 5-8

Find room 9

  • Peach tower room 10

Beat hammer luigi

  • Toad town house look

Find the house with a star

  • Toad town giant house

Find a star

  • Toad town tops

Beat cape luigi

  • Water

Swim until you find the star

  • Toad town waters

Find the star

  • Toad town water tanks

Beat frog luigi

  • Peach castle fully guarded

Beat all toads

  • Super bowser

Get the mega mushroom and smash the castle

  • Final duel

Defeat mario

Mini games

  • Shell spin

Spin your shell and knock others away last shell standing wins

  • Hide in seek

Find or hide

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