A list of beta elements from Super Blob Bros.

Unused power-up

Originally a imposter power-up was going to be inculded. But was rejected due to lacking the game's "messyness", Also, If you had it to long, You would get a game over, In the Japanese version, He would gain a life (sometime -0 lives) and gets a game over. According to the E3 demo, it makes you weaker.

Unused Bosses

Artwork was found for 3 unused bosses, A messy Boss Bass/Big Bertha, A messy Birdo and a messy Dry Bowser. All we're rejected in favor of the Blob Koopalings.

Unused Platform

Originally, a platform like the ones from Super Mario Bros 3 and Mario Party Advance was going to appear. You could go up if on. But was scrapped due to the levels they we're in we're also scrapped from the final game. But one of the levels, W2-Ghost House, was shown in the demo at E3.


The unused platform

Unused Baddies

According to the original map of World 1-1, messy Nipper Plants and messy Grand Goombas we're going to appear, known as Nipperblob and Giant Goomblob. But we're scrapped at the last minute. Also, Terekuriblob was going to make a apperence but was put in the sequel.


The flagpole was going to appear acorrding to World 1-1, but also was scrapped along with Nipperblobs and Giant Goomblobs in the same level.

Unused Level Maps

World 1-1 looked very different from the final game.

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