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Super Battle X is an upcoming crossover fighting game featuring characters only created by yours truly. The fighting roster will be updated as I create more characters.


  • Marshy (Planet Marsh)
  • Yarny (Planet Marsh 2: Yarn Land)
  • Dirk (The Golden Sword)
  • King Doom (The Golden Sword)
  • Salem (Rampage City)
  • Sergeant James (Moonsiders)
  • Moonshine (Double Slash)
  • Kat (Double Slash)
  • Captain Bee (Captain Bee)
  • Agent Kale (Black Edge)
  • ToHoHo (The Chronicles of ToHoHo)
  • Big Mac (Cut-Out!!)
  • Grass Mow (Cut-Out!!)

Secret Characters

  • Feather Head (Planet Marsh 2: Cotton Land)
  • Captain Ridge (Ridge Racers)


  • Mallow Land (Planet Marsh)
  • Yarn Land (Planet Marsh 2: Yarn Land)
  • Monkey Jungle (Planet Marsh 2: Yarn Land)
  • Bub-Bub Lagoon (Planet Marsh 2: Yarn Land)
  • Arcadia (Planet Marsh: Wonderful Wonders)
  • Time Temple (Planet Marsh: Time Travelers)
  • Waterfall Mountain (The Golden Sword)
  • King Doom's Castle (The Golden Sword)
  • Airplane (Rampage City)
  • Gravity Base (Moonsiders)
  • Planet Tour (Moonsiders)
  • Katrina's Temple (Double Slash)
  • Beautiful Garden (Captain Bee)
  • Dark Edge Pass (Black Edge)
  • Bedroom (The Chronicles of ToHoHo)
  • Windowsill (The Chronicles of ToHoHo)
  • Wrestling Ring (Cut-Out!!)

Secret Stages

  • Poison River Rush (Planet Marsh World)
  • Jumbo Plane (Rampage City)
  • Universal Cruise (Moonsiders)
  • Beehive (Captain Bee)
  • Combo Village (Cut-Out!!)
  • Building Tops (Black Edge)
  • Stereo City (Ridge Racer)
  • Iron Drive (Ridge Racer)

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