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Super Baby Partners Squad is a part of E2-A1 09.

Super Baby Partners Squad is a spinoff game of the Super Mario Bros.: Diaper Duty games. It Red Inc.'s first attempt of making a spinoff game. The game can be played on the Wii and on the Nintendo DS. It has a multi-player mode that allows up to four people to play. The game will release in November 2009. EEA Inc. is assisting Red Inc. on this Fan Game. This is also Red Inc.'s first game that is part of E2-A1.


Super Baby Partners Squad is a side-scrolling platformer. The story is, "While Baby Mario, Baby Luigi, Baby Peach, and Baby Daisy are playing in Baby Peach's playroom, Baby Bowser breaks in and takes the two baby princesses away. Now Baby Mario and Baby Luigi must go on an adventure to defeat Baby Bowser and rescue the princesses." Red Inc. announced that on their adventure, the duo will meet other baby Mario characters, like Baby Yoshi. These characters are called "Secret Characters". One of these characters join the bros'. team and become playable after a certain condition or level is complete.

Special Abilities

Red Inc. and EEA Inc. both announced that there are many unique abilities that your chosen character can do. Here is a list of those abilities:

  • 1. In Multi-player Mode, if Baby Yoshi is in play, the characters (except Prince Boo) can jump on his back and ride on him. One player controls Baby Yoshi while the other can throw items at enemies.
  • 2. Characters can grab edges.
  • 3. Characters can transform themselves into their grown-up selves for a brief amount of time with the use of a Mega Mushroom.
  • 4. If Baby Yoshi eats a certain amount of fruit, he grows wings and is able to fly and breathe fire for a short time.
  • 5. In Multi-player Mode, only two characters can do "Special Moves" together, like High Jump and Double-Spin.



These are the main characters in the game. While some of them are playable, some are not.

How to Unlock - Clear the entire game

These characters are at first not playable, but after a certain condition is met or level is cleared, one of these characters will join the Baby bros'. team.

How to Unlock - Clear the "Mushroom City" level
How to Unlock - Unlock Baby Wario
How to Unlock - Rescue Baby DK from Baby Petey Pirahna
How to Unlock - Defeat Prince Boo in a Boss Battle at the "Baby Bowser's Castle 1" level

Mini Bosses & Main Bosses

There are many, many bosses that the player will fight in "Boss Battles" in this Fan Game. However, these are the main ones:

Big Burt Bros

Goopy the Balloon

Pandsea the Piranha Plant

Piranha Plant the Roller Coaster

Baby Petey Piranha

Three Headed Giant Shake

Six Little Pigs

Big Giant Shy Guy

The Big Bird Bros

Goopey Blooper

Prince Boo


Baby Bowser


Big Bigger Biggest Giant Mega Bowser


To obtain an item, the character must run into an Item Box, which are scattered across the level areas. Item Boxes contain one of these random items inside:

  • Mushroom (Restores health by 2)
  • 1-UP Mushroom (Fully restores health; gives the character(s) an extra life)
  • Mega Mushroom (Transforms the character into their grown-up self for a brief amount of time)
  • Green/Red Shell (Can be thrown at an enemy)
  • Bob-Omb (Can be thrown at an enemy; explodes 4-5 sec. later after thrown)
  • POW Block (Stuns all enemies for 10 sec.)
  • Starman (Makes the character(s) invincible for a short time period)
  • Blooper (Sprays ink at the enemy(ies) to confuse them; lasts 5 sec.)
  • Chain Chomp (Rams any enemies in its path)

You can collect coins and even Star Bits in the game, too!