(Everyone in the group went to Tadpole Pond then they were looking for Frogfucius then they found him)

Mallow: Hey grampa

Frogfucius: Hey Mallow

Mallow: These 15 people want to know how to see their inner power so we can beat Smithy together.

Azumangas: Please we really want to know.

Frogfucius: Can atleast tell me their names

Mallow: okay. ^___^

(Mallow tell them their names of the Azumanga)

Frogfucius: Okay lets see, As for Chiyo can fly with her pigtails, Tomo has mega punch, Yomi can kick enemies face off, Oskaka calls the attack of your daydream, Sakaki summons cute stuff for help, Yukari can yell at enemies to death, Nyamo can put a rain of vollyball, Yotsuba does the same as Chiyo, Kaorin can put a rain of haert of anger, Kagura does the same as Tomo, Kagura's little sister can summon a tetris block, Hikari can do the same as Osaka, Masaaki can throw the sharp school stuff at enemies, Yuko can summon anime characters, Chiya has esper powers and the one power for all of you will be found out when you all fight Smithy.

Everone else: Okay

Mallow: Thanks for the info grampa.

???: Well, well, well, we meet again.

Everyone: ...?

(Just then Bowyer fell from the sky.)

SMRPGs: Oh Crap!!!

Azumangas: whats going on?!

Geno: that's Bowyer.

Sakaki: Was he the the guy who was about to distroy the 2nd Star Piece? because If it is, I hope you beat him.

Geno: Sakaki, you have powers why don't we all beat him.

Sakaki: But my only power is summoning cute stuff, I'm worthless.

(Sakaki has tears in her eye and was about to cry)

Geno: You're not worthless, Sakaki, You can summon cute stuff that are tough

Sakaki: You... you think so?

Geno: Yes.

Sakaki: Okay.

Everyone: Let's go!!

Bowyer: Ooooh, I'm so so scared... What do you think I am? A MORAN?!?!?

Yuko: Leave this to me!

(Yuko summons an anime character from the The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya and that character is Kyon's Sister, and she is carrying a scissors(reminded from ep 7 of The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya) then Kyon's Sister run up of the back of Bowyer then cut the back (which it was made up of sting) after that Bowyer fell.)

Yuko: All right Kyon's Sister!!!!! :D

Kyon's Sister: thanks

(Then Kyon's Sister vanish and everone looks surprise)

Everone:.... Okay....

Geno: Hey Sakaki, Now is your chance.

Sakaki: Right!

(Sakaki summons a cat with a black belt and then the cat beats up Bowyer)

Bowyer: What the crap!

Tomo: Time to say good bye bowyer. >:D

(Tomo did her mega punch and finally Bowyer faded)

Sakaki: is he gone

Mario: Yes.

Chiyo-Chan: And I see a green star floating.

Geno: That's the 2nd Star Piece! Mario Get it!

Mario: On it!

(Mario ran up to the 2nd Star Piece and Gabbed it.)

Mario: Wow, some of us did a good job.

Chiyo-Chan: And I think should rest, because the sun is almost down

Mario: well we do need to rest. we'll stay here for night.

(later that day..)

Chiyo-Chan: Hey Mallow can I ask you something?

Mallow: Sure.

Chiyo-Chan: have you ever want to less or more like who you are or somebody else?

Mallow: well, I wished I weren't such a crybaby.

Chiyo-Chan: Oh.. But I never seen you cry.

Mallow: Well, that's true. Why did you ask?

Chiyo-Chan: Well, I wished that I looked more like Sakaki so then people will take me more seriously I mean people kept calling me "cute".

Mallow: Oh.. well I kind of, take you seriously.

Chiyo-Chan: You do?

Mallow: Yes.

Chiyo-Chan: When I first saw you, I didn't thank you were a crybaby.

Mallow: You didn't?

Chiyo-Chan: No I didn't.

Mallow: Thank and you're pretty cool for a prodigy.

Chiyo-Chan: Thank you. :)

The end for now....

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