(After Yomi smacked Tomo, The portal was still open the Two girls were coming out of it and those are Miruchi and Yuka-chan, Chiyo's friends from grade school)

Yuko: Oh crap, There is a smaller version of Yukari and Nyamo.

Chiyo-chan: That's Miruchi and Yuka-chan, my friends from grade school.

Peach: Hey Chiyo, how come you still look like you're in grade school.

Chiyo-chan: Well to tell you the truth, I'm a child prodigy

Mallow: A child prodigy, that's cool.

Chiyo-chan: Thanks! :D

Kagura's little sister: Is there any video games here, I'm getting bored.

Kagura: Didn't you bring one sis?

Kagura's little sister: Nope, That's is one thing to forget

Everyone: -_-:

Yuko: You could have my manga The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya if you want because I'm reading Lucky Star.

Kagura's little sister: Thanks But I watch the Anime The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya and it's cooler the manga to me.

Yuko: oh

Kagura's little sister: Hey, have you seen Higurashi no Naku Koro ni.

Yuko: oh yeah, that was an awsome manga.

Kagura's little sister: ANIME!!!

Yuko: To tell you the truth, I mostly read manga.


Kagura's little sister and Yuko: Okay.

(Finally, the portal closes.)

Tomo: I hope the next portal let us get out of here.

Geno: Sorry but there is that when we all beat Smithy.

Kagura and Tomo: Well, we'll beat the living daylights out that guy.

Geno: You have to see your inner power first.

Mario: And it's hard to beleive Smithy has daylights at all.

Kagura: well I get the point about inner power.

Tomo: But I don't get how Smithy has no daylights.

Everyone: *sigh*

Chiyo-chan: How are we going to see our inner power.

Mallow: My grandfather knows how, he's at Tadpole Pond.

Tomo: Lead us there Mallow

Mallow: Okay.

Yotsuba: I still got the map.

The end for now...

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