(After the fight's over, anther Portal appear and It was Kimura coming out of it.)

Kimura: Kaorin, we can be together.

Kaorin: Go away!!!!!!!!!!

(Kaorin kicked Kimura's face and Kimura went flying out of Peach's castle)

Tomo: WOW! All the girls at our highschool know that some girl would do that to Mr. Kimura but They didn't if that was Kaorin! 0_o

Kaorin: I can't stand going to me everytime I'm everywhere.

Mallow: Why would he...

Azumangas: Don't ask about-

Yotsuba: He likes high-school girls.

Azumangas: YOTSUBA!!!

Yotsuba: What? It just came too me.

Chiyo-Chan: well Yotsuba's right.

Chiya-Chan: Some would like to tell the truth

Mario: Anyway, Why is the portal is open

Tomo: I don't now is my chance.

(Tomo ran to the portal but portal shocked Tomo and push her back.)

Tomo: Crap, what in this portal

Geno: It's the portal that people only come out in this would, Tomo.

Tomo: oh now you tell me, why is the portal still open.

(Suddenly, Kamineko(the gray cat that kept bitting Sakaki) was coming out of the portal and then bite Geno for no reason)

Geno: What the crap, Why is this gray cat biting me?!?!

Sakaki: Kamineko.... is... here.

Geno: huh? what's wrong?

Sakaki: The gray cat was the one biting me and now it's after you.

Geno: WHAT?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

(Mayaa jump off sakaki's head and stood by Geno. Once Kamineko saw mayaa, Kamineko ran from Peach's castle)

Kagura:(to Kamineko) And say out you stupid cat also Mayaa is smarter then you!!!!!!!!!!

Sakaki: I'm not sure that is the right way to say it.

Chiyo-Chan: I agree with Miss Sakaki.

Kagura: Well, somethings had to be say no metter how suck-ish


Sakaki:(to Geno) Are you okay?

Geno: Yeah, but it still hurts (Good thing Mayaa the Yamamayaa saved me)

Sakaki: I packed band-aids just if I was bitten me. At least I packed it.

Geno: I had to say, You're a good person.

Sakaki: thank you. :)

Everyone else: Oh <3

Sakaki and Geno: It not what you think.

Tomo: Don't worry, we didn't see anything.

(Everone else but Sakaki and Geno, smacked the heads because what Tomo said and then Yomi smacked Tomo.)

Tomo: OW...What was that for?

Yomi: For everybody

The end for now

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