(After Masaaki gave Nyamo and Yukari the gifts, another portal appear and one person is coming out of it.)

????: Man, going though portals is awesome, I even went to that on episode The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya that Ryoko trys to kill Kyon. :D

Masaaki: Yuko, how do you think you get though portals.

Yuko: My friend is an-

????: STOP!!!

(Suddenly a girl name Chiya Mihama(Chiyo Mihama's cusin) appear.)

Chiya-Chan: Don't you tell him Yuko!!!

Chiyo-Chan: Chiya-Chan what in the world are you doing here.

Chiya-Chan: Oh boy... Chiyo-Chan, I'm... I'm... an...

Tomo: OH JUST SAY IT ALREADY!!!!!!!!!!!! D:<

Chiya-Chan: An esper.

Chiyo-Chan: Is this true?!? D:

Chiya-Chan: Yes.

Yuko: That's why went though portals

Chiya-Chan: Yuko, you talked to much.

Yuko: Well.

Chiya-Chan: Chiyo-Chan, I hope you're not disapointed.

Chiyo-Chan: I'll be upstairs.

Chiya-Chan: Okay (She's disapointed.)

(Chiyo-Chan walk upstairs)

Osaka: It's okay, Chiya-Chan.

Chiya-Chan: Things are not, Chiyo-Chan and I were good friends, I hope still friends.

Yuko: We're still friends, Chiya-Chan

Chiya-Chan: Cut the crap, Yuko.

Tomo: So you're an esper, Huh?

Chiya-Chan: Yes

(Tomo cracks her fists)

Chiya-Chan: Oh Crap!!!

Tomo: You're Dead!!!!!!!!!D:<


Tomo: But she the idiot that stared this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Chiyo-Chan: Leave her alone, Tomo.

Chiya-Chan: Chan-Chan.

Yotsuba: You're potecting her like she is your sister.

Chiyo-Chan: It's true.

Yomi: Why is that?

Chiyo-Chan: Because her perents were killed when she was 4 years old.

Kagura: That's so sad.

Sakaki: I'm so sorry to hear.

Kaorin: Me too.

Tomo: Like I said, She is th-

Yomi: Can't you be more supported?!?!?

Mallow: Stop fighting with everyone and blaming the esper girl.

Tomo: Fine.

The end for now........

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