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(As Mallow talks about Exor a thrid portal open and two people coming out of it are Yukari and Nyamo)

Osaka: Miss Yukari, Miss Kurosawa! how do you get here?!?!

Nyamo: well, me and Yukari are in a running race but we ran so fast that we went into a crazy portal

Tomo: Wow! O__o

Yomi: This time, you know.

(Suddenly there is soming on a fast knoking on the door)

Peach: the door's open, you can come in.

Gaz: Guys, Geno's back! .... Whoa!!! Are those Ayumu's friends?!

Everybody: Yep.

Mario: Anyway... Geno's back?!?! (apparently I know why)

Tomo: Who's Geno???

(Mario and Gaz explained Who Geno is.)

Osaka: Wow, I didn't know he was Star Road warrior.... but what is Star Road????

Kagura: I tell you what Star Road is.

Mario: Finally, Someone that knows.

Kagura: Yeah, I been playing alot of vidoe games.

(Kagura explained what Star Road is to Osaka)

Osaka: I see...

Yotsuba: where is Geno??

Gaz: I think he went to Forest Maze.

Yotsuba: Do you have a map.

Gaz: Yep.

(Gaz gave the map to Yotsuba)

Yotsuba: Thanks! Okay Everybody Off to Forest Maze.

(Everybody went Forest Maze and apparently Gaz was right)

Geno: Hey Mario

Mario: Hey Geno

Geno: I got bad news and good news.

Mario: What's the bad news.

Geno: The Star Road is destroyed again...

Mario: Good News?

Geno: I found the first star piece for the Star Road.

Yukari: How many stars to fix the Star Road? 7?

Geno: Yes.... and you must Yukari.

Yukari: How did you know???!!!???

Geno: I heared Chiyo-Chan, Osaka, and Yotsuba wishing you didn't bring the Yukari-mobile.

Yukari: What did they wish?!?!?!?

Osaka: OH CRAP!!

Yotsuba: We're scewed

Yukari: So You think my driving sucks, DO YOU?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

Nyamo: Man, it's no wonder why the students go to me, you kept yelling at them!

Yukari: What did you say, miss "I worry too much and couldn't get a man"!

(Yukari and Nyamo were having a fist fight and then then they stop after they both punch each other)

Sakaki: I think we should take they to a hospital

Geno: Good idea.

The end for now....

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