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Osaka went to the koopa guards ask them something about what end of a chocolate cornet they eat first but not for but to save Princess Peach)

Osaka: excuse me, which end of a chocolate cornet they eat first, the fatter end or the thin end

Koopa guard 1: I eat the fat end for chocolate cream.

Koopa guard 2: Well, I eat the thin end for chocolate cream left over on my hand

Koopa guard 1: Dude, you’re sick, see a therapist.

Koopa guard 3: Actually, I tier off the thin and dip it into the fatter end.

(Meanwhile, Mario is climbing up Bowser's castle and then he’s there and he saw Peach tied in a rope)

Mario: Peach!!

Peach: Mario! Thank god you’re here to save me.

Bowser: You’re not beating me this time Mario!!!!!!!!!!

(Suddenly somebody knock door when Bowser appear then that somebody opens the door and that somebody is Osaka.)

Osaka: The guards let in!! :D

Peach: who are you?

Osaka: My name is Ayumu Kasuga but my friends call me Osaka.

Peach: Okay..

(Suddenly a portal appear in Bowser's castle and some people coming out of portal and those people are Osaka’s friends)

Tomo: Tomo to rescue.

(Once they got out of the portal, the portal disappear)

Osaka: Guys, You’re here

(There are tears in Osaka’s eyes)

Yomi: That’s right, we wouldn’t leave you here.

Chiyo-Chan: So, who do you meet?

Osaka: I met 2 guys, one is Toad and I think another one name Gaz, then I met Mario, 3 guards, Peach, and Bower.

Kagura: Cool.

Sakaki: I brought Mayaa along so he won’t get lonely

Osaka: I brought Pikanyaa too

Chiyo-Chan: And I brought Yotsuba too.

Yotsuba: Sup’.

Osaka: Oh, Chiyo-Chan number 2.

Yotsuba: I still can’t believe you still call me that but all well.

(And suddenly Bowser's castle is rumbling then everybody went outside)

Mario: Run!!!!

(Exor fell from the sky and hit Bowser's castle)

Exor: Well, well, well, we meet again.

Mario: Crap not you again

Tomo: Don’t worry Mario, I’ll handle him.

(Tomo was doing karate kick on Exor then it hurt Tomo)

Tomo: OWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!!!! CRAAAAAAAAAAAAP!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kagura: Tomo!! Are you okay??

Tomo: That Monster is made of steel, it hurt my leg.

Chiyo-Chan: It’s best if we get out of here

Peach: I agree

(Everyone went back to the mushroom kingdom and went to Peach’s castle and Chiyo-Chan told Peach what happened and apparently someone was knocking on the of the castle)

Toad: I’ll get it!

(Toad gets the door and that someone is Mallow)

Mallow: Hi Toad!

Toad: Mallow, long time, no see.

(Mallow went the castle to see Mario and Peach.)

Mario: Mallow, long time, no see.

Yomi: Hey, You must be one of Mario’s friends.

Mallow: How do you know? Who are you?

(The girls from Azumanga Daioh tell them their names.)

Tomo: I got a question. Do you the sword monster (that hurt my leg) is?

Mallow: T-That’s …… Exor!!!!!!!!!!!!

(Mallow explain who Exor is)

Chiyo-Chan: I see.

The end for now…

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