(When we last heared of Osaka, she was in the mushroom kingdom. now she wondering in the mushroom kingdom.)

Osaka: Wow this place is amazing!!!! :D

(then she is walking to Mario's House without knowing)

Osaka: excuse sir, sorry bother you but is there any other portals up above.

Mario: let me check

(Mario looks up.)

Mario: I don't see any portals

Osaka: Oh.

(Then Toad is running to Mario)

Toad: Mario!!! Bowser kidnapped Princess Peach again.... Is Ayumu Kasuga bothering you too?

Osaka: I was just asking him a question!!! D:<

Mario: Anyway ..... Bowser kidnapped Princess Peach!?!?!?!?

Toad: Yeah!!

Mario: I gotta go save her and what's wrong with Bowser anyway

Toad: That's what I ask!

Mario: Anyway, I gotta save her.

Toad: SAVE HER!!!

(Mario run to Bowser's Castle and Osaka follow Mario)

Toad: What are you doing Ayumu?!?!?

Osaka: I'm going to help him out.

(Osaka went to follows Mario to help save Princess Peach and Osaka had a great idea then few minutes later they are there.)

Mario: I need an idea.

Osaka: I got an idea.

Mario: AHHHH!!!!!! DON”T DO THAT!!!

Osaka: Sorry …. But I could distract those guards by asking them what end of a chocolate cornet they eat first.

Mario: Okay, do your best.

The end for now....

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