The group went to an idem shop, for healing MP and HP then they headed out of Seaside Town to Star Hill to look for the 6th Star Piece)

Tomo: I think Star Hill is a place where you hear people wishes, right.

Geno: Yes Tomo, You're right, kind of.

Tomo: Oh.

Mario: We're almost there.

???: Mario!!

(Luigi was running to Mario)

Mario: Oh Luigi, how it going?

Luigi: Mario, Exor's back for revange.

Mario: I know.

Hikari: We all know.

Luigi: Oh... Who are you?

(The Azumangas told tell them their names to Luigi.)

Luigi: So you were the new people I heard about.

Osaka: Then who are you anyway?

Luigi: I'm Luigi, Mario's brother.

Hikari and Osaka: Cool!

Tomo: we here! :D

(the group kept finding the 6th Star Piece but no luck until ChibiSakaki found it.)

ChibiSakaki: I found it! but Kamineko is guarding it!

Kagura's little sister: Leave it to me, ChibiSakaki.

(Kagura's little sister walk up to Kamineko.)

Kagura's little sister: Hey Kamineko you wanna of piece me.

(But suuddenly Kamineko turn into a high school girl, Sakaki looks surprise)

Kagura's little sister: Tetris block!

(Kagura's little sister summons Tetris block but Kamineko crush the Tetris block)

Kagura's little sister: OMG! WHO ARE YOU?!?!??!?!!?!?!?!?!!?

Sakaki: That the girl from middle school that hates me because I like cute stuff.

Kamineko: That's right, and you were always the cool girl which is why I turned into a cat the day we move on to high school, just to make your life miserable.

Tomo: But wait you haven't gone to high school, so does this maen you're dumb.

Kamineko: You are anoying.

(Then suddenly Kaorin cast the a rain of hearts of anger over Kamineko)

Kamineko: OMG!! These hearts, they BURN!!!!!!

Kaorin: that what you get for making Sakaki miserable!!! NOW HAND OVER THE 6TH STAR PIECE!!!!!!!!!!!!! D:<

Kamineko: Okay, I'm sorry. Here's the 6th Star Piece. TT___TT

Everyone: O__O

(Kaorin walks up to 6th Star Piece then gabbed it.)

Mario: Okay... lets get to Bowser's castle

Kaorin: Right.

(the group went to Bowser's castle to fight Exor)

Exor: so you come to be defeated.

Geno: We'll never be defeated.

Kagura: Yeah so open your big mouth and let us in, Exor

Exor: Maybe I will, Maybe I won't!

Chiyo-chan: Ready Yotsuba?

Yotsuba: Yes Miss Chiyo.

(Chiyo and Yotsuba founded super mega Bob-ombs then flew with their pigtails then threw the mega Bob-ombs at Exor.)

Exor: Ha! I handle worse things then that! >:D

Geno: Geno Whirl!!

(Geno cast a Geno Whirl on Exor)

Tomo: leave this to me an Kagura!

(Tomo and Kagura mega punched Exor the Mario and Luigi grabbed the koopa shells and kicked to Exor then Mallow cast psychopath on Exor)

Exor: Ok, I give up! TT__TT

(Finally the group went inside the castle to fight Smithy)

Smithy: So, you all decided to fight me, do you?

SMRPGs: Yes we do.

Azumangas: And our powers will come together.

Smithy: Try me.

(The Group went to fight Smithy, and they were fighting him, Chiya tried her esper powers, Tomo and Kagura mega punched Smithy, Masaaki threw the sharp school stuff at Smithy, Yukari yelled at him to death, Yomi kick face,Osaka and Hikari calls the attack of daydream, Sakaki and ChibiSakaki summons cute 2 cats with a black belt and Yuko summons Yuki Nagato and Ryoko Asakura, Nyamo put a rain of vollyball, Kagura's little sister summons alot of tetris block, Chiyo and Yotsuba Flew with there pigtails carry 4 super mega Bob-ombs)

Smithy: Oh crap these guy to stong maybe if change into my real form.

The group: What????!!!!????

(Smithy turn into his real form, but then The group's power began to a rise, then they use the power against Smithy then he is weakened, Smithy couldn't make another move, Then Smithy faded, The group wins, Finally the last star piece was floating then Mario grabbed it.)

Mario: looks like we all did a good job.

Geno: And I have to go back to Star Road.

(Geno looks at the Azumangas)

Geno: It was great to meet you guys.

Azumangas: And it nice to meet all of you

Mallow: Umm.. Chiyo-chan.

Chiyo-Chan: Yes Mallow.

Mallow: I'm going to miss you when you and your friend get to your world.

(Mallow started crying)

Chiyo-Chan: Don't worry, maybe somehow we'll meet agian someday.

(Chiyo-Chan has a little bit of tears in her eyes.)

Tomo: Okay uhh... where is the portal that send us home.

(Then the portal that send them home appaer)

Yuka: Hey Chiyo-Chan here is another friend you'll miss.

Miruchi: I agree.

Sakaki: Hey ChibiSakaki, if you want, you could stay in my place.

ChibiSakaki: Okay.

(Sakaki carry ChibiSakaki, then walks to Geno)

Sakaki: It was nice to meet you, Geno.

Geno: Thank you. :)

(Geno and Sakaki shaked hands for good byes.)

Chiyo-Chan: Maybe Mallow some you can wish for something we can in diffent worlds, when Geno go back to Star Road.

Mallow: That be a good idea.

Tomo: Anyway, We'll meet agian someday.

(The Azumangas went back to their world and the Geno went back to Geno Star Road along with the 7 Star Pieces)

Mallow: I really hope I get to see Chiyo-Chan agian.

(Finally few days later everthing went to almost normal since Kamineko forgot how to turn back into a cat, She became Bowser's maid, then Mallow wished for a for walky talky that see the other person for him and Chiyo-Chan so then they see each other everytime they talk to each other, ChibiSakaki is living with Sakaki along with Mayaa, everthing else is normal.)

The end...

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