(The group went to find the Axem Rangers but the Axem Rangers found them)

Red Axem: We found them.

Green Axem: and there are more people then before

Yellow Axem: Hey, that tall girl is carrying the chibi girl we beat up before.

Black Axem: I think so.

Pink Axem: I guess we and Yaridovich will sneak attack them.

Red Axem: Right let's call Yaridovich.

(Meanwhile, the group were still looking for the Axem Rangers)

Tomo: I'm getting boerd.

Yomi: Just be keep looking for the Axem Rangers.

Yuko: Can I summon an anime character.

Mario: Sure.

Yuko: Cool.

(Yuko summons two characters, one is Haruhi Suzumiya from The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya and 2nd is Konata Izumi from Lucky star)

Yuko: Please Find the Axem Rangers.

Haruhi: Right!

Konata: You can count on my and Haruhi.

Masaaki:(to himself) I can't believe my sister became a Haruhi fan.

Chiya-Chan:(to herself) I hope she picked up the right characters.

(Then Axem Rangers and Yaridovich appear in fount of the group)

Red Axem: we fight for evil

Axem Rangers: ...

Pink Axem: We forgot our lines

Red Axem: (smacks himself) Oh Just fight them.

Tomo: Finally something I should do! >:D

(Tomo did her mega punch on the Yellow and Black Axem Rangers)

Black Axem: Holy crap!

Yellow Axem: That girl just mega punched us!

Tomo: That's right and the name is Tomo Takino to you.

Nyamo: Now it's My turn.

(Nyamo puts up a rain of vollyball over the pink Axem Rangers)


(Mallow did the Psychopath on The green Axem Rangers)

Green Axem: RED, HELP US!!!!!!!!!!!

Red Axem: Right! Now for me to cast spells.

Geno: No you not!

(Geno cast the Geno Blast on red Axem Rangers)


Axem Rangers: RIGHT!!!!

Red Axem: look like you'll these guys on you're own, Yaridovich.

(The Axem Rangers ran.)

Yaridovich: You're big morans. I can handle these guys.

Tomo: Ready Kagura!

Kagura: Yeah!

(Tomo and Kagura did their mega punch on Yaridovich.)

Yaridovich: what the crap?!

Geno: Geno Whirl!

(Geno cast the Geno Whirl on Yaridovich)

Yaridovich: this is butal

Osaka: My turn now.

(Osaka calls the attack of your daydream and an army of mini Chiyos march down then beat up Yaridovich and finally Yaridovich faded and The 3rd, 4th and 5th Star Pieces)

Mario: Mallow, Geno, like to do the honors with me?

Mallow and Geno: Glad to.

(Mario, Mallow, and Geno ran up to the 3 Star Pieces and then Mario grabbed the 3rd Star Piece, Mallow grabbed the 4th Star Piece, Geno grabbed the 5th Star Piece.)

Tomo: Alright we did great so that means 2 more Star Pieces to go!

The end for now...

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