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(Next Morning, the group went to Seaside Town, Tomo was a little tired.)

Tomo: Are We there Yet?

Everyone: No.

Tomo: Are We there Yet?

Everyone: No!

Tomo: Are We there Yet?

Everyone: No!!!

Tomo: Okay.

Everyone: *sigh*

Yuko: It's a good thing I still have my manga.

Chiya-Chan: I think we're almost there, right?

Mario: Yes, we're almost there.

Tomo: Good because I'm a little tired of walking, Chiyo-Chan is lucky because she flies with her pigtails.

Osaka: We're there! :D

(and suddenly a chibi version of Sakaki red eye was walking out of Seaside Town all injured she saw Sakaki with the group)

chibi version of Sakaki: They're finnally here. :)

(The chibi version of Sakaki runs up to the group)

Tomo: Hey who's the chibi version of Sakaki?

Mario: Beats me.

chibi version of Sakaki: Sorry to bother you but there was 6 people holding 3 Star Pieces, 5 kinda look alike and 1 is the Town Elder, I tried take the 3 Star Pieces but they just kept attacking me, I'm sorry.

Mario: the people who attacked you were the Axem Rangers and Yaridovich

Sakaki:(to the chibi version of Sakaki) Just who are you?

chibi version of Sakaki:(to Sakaki) the chibi version of you but you can call me "ChibiSakaki".

Sakaki:(to ChibiSakaki) Okay. And we have to take you to a hospital.

Mallow: Wait, we have HP max Flowers?

Peach: I do.

Sakaki:(to Peach) Thank you

(Peach gave ChibiSakaki the HP MAX! Flower then ChibiSakaki was healed)

ChibiSakaki: Okay, So we all have to fight the Axem Rangers and Yaridovich, Right?

Sakaki: I think some of us have to.

Geno: That's right until we all fight Smithy.

ChibiSakaki: Okay... I just hope we'll get all the Star Pieces.

Sakaki: We will, I promise.

(Sakaki held ChibiSakaki in her arms)

Yukari: anyway who wants to take the Yukari-mobile.

Nyamo: Yukari, You're scaring Chiyo-Chan.

Mallow: what is the Yukari-mobile anyway?

Yomi: The Yukari-mobile is Yukari's car that has been involve Yukari's reckless driving habits have turned it into a scarred.

Kagura: And psychologically scarred Chiyo-Chan since.

Tomo: But I enjoy riding in it.

Mallow: Oh...

(Mallow looks scared)

Mallow: Have you and Kagura been in the Yukari-mobile?

Yomi: To tell you the truth, We haven't been in the Yukari-mobile for our own safety.

Kagura: but Osaka, Chiyo-Chan, Kaorin, Sakaki, and Yotsuba have been in the Yukari-mobile.

Mallow: Sakaki went too?!?! but she doesn't look scared or seem to to enjoy riding in it.

Kagura: That's another cool thing about Sakaki, she servived, She's like a Legend.

Mallow: I know I would never going to go on Yukari-mobile.

Yomi: That would be a good thing to do.

Mallow:(to Chiyo-chan) oh Chiyo-Chan, I'm sorry that you ended up with the Yukari-mobile.

Chiyo-Chan: That's okay.

The end for now...

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