(Ayumu "Osaka" Kasuga was walking down to Kagura's house for Kagura's little sister 12th birthday, Osaka has a video game in har hand called "Animal Crossing" for Kagura's little sister's, and that Osaka couldn't find any other video game. A few minutes later she is there)

Osaka: Sorry I'm late, I couldn't find this house.

Kagura: That's okay, my sister is use to late people

Kagura's little sister: Yep! ^__^

Chiyo-chan: Please come in Osaka, you're in time for the presents.

Osaka: OK

(Osaka walks in and Kagura's little sister was starting to open the presents)

(From Chiyo-chan: It was Tetris and Kagura's little sister likes the song but never plays it)

(From Tomo: It was Final Fantasy X-2 and Kagura's little sister was more glad.)

(From Yomi: It was Cooking Mama: Cook Off.)

(From Sakaki: It was Super Mario 64.)

(From Yukari: It was super Mario kart.)

(From Nyamo: It was Dr. Mario)

(From Kagura: It was Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars)

(And you know what Osaka gives to Kagura's little sister. :P)

Kagura's little sister: Thank you everybody.

Yomi: Now it's time for cake

Tomo: Hey Yomi, I think you're going to eat all that cake.

(Yomi smacked Tomo. XD)

(And few minutes later)

Kagura's little sister: Now it's for the game I got.

(Kagura's little sister puts Super Mario RPG in her SNES then suddenly when she turn it on there was a portal to game)

(Osaka was about to take a look the portal but then slip on a banana peal and fell in then portal disappear)

Tomo: Wow. O_O

Yomi: You don't even know what it was. -_-'

Osaka: Oh CRAAAP!!!

(Then another portal open above the mushroom kingdom)

Osaka: Good bye cruel would T_T

(Osaka fell out the portal then portal closes but Osaka is still falling then she landed on Toad.)

Osaka: Ahh!! I'm so sorry; I didn't know you were there.

Toad: That's okay, sometimes it happens.

Osaka: Where am I anyway?

Toad: you're the mushroom kingdom.

Osaka: WHAT?!?!?!!

(Osaka's freaking out then she fainted)

Toad: M'am! Are you alright? M'am?

(Then Gaz , from SMRPG, is running to Toad)

Gaz: Toad!!! Bowser kidnapped Princess Peach again

Toad: Ugh, What's wrong with Bowser anyway?

(Then Osaka awakens after Gaz says that Bowser kidnapped Princess Peach)

Osaka: WHAT?! First I'm in a mushroom kingdom now a princess is kidnapped; my day is getting wierder & wierder.

Gaz: Hey miss what's your name

Osaka: Oh! My name is Ayumu Kasuga but my friends call me Osaka.

Gaz: I see -_-:

Toad: I'll go tell the princess is kidnapped to Mario. -_-;

The end for now...

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