Super Armando is an upcoming video game set in the Mario world. It revolves around the character Armando who was given the Parakoopa blessing by the King Parakoopa when he was born. He tries to rescue his girlfriend from King Dark Parakoopa. There are 95 levels.

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Super Armando
Developer(s) Toln the Echidna


Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) Nintendo FP

Nintendo Wii

Release Date(s)
June 25, 2010
1-2 players locally

2 players online

Age Rating(s)
Everyone (E)
Genre(s) Platformer
Media Included FP Cartridge

Wii Disc


The story revolves around Armando who was given the Parakoopa Blessing at birth by King Parakoopa. Armando grew up and got a girlfriend. His girlfriend was kidnapped by King Dark Parakoopa to lure Armando to his lair and steal the Parakoopa Blessing from Armando to overthrow King Parakoopa.


The gameplay is very similar to Super Mario Bros. 1-3 and Super Mario World. Armando can fly for short periods of time. Armando and Peyton the Parayoshi are playable. Peyton can fly as well.


Bowser JR City

Bowser JR City 1

Bowser JR City 2

Bowser JR City 3

Bowser JR City 4

Bowser JR City 4 (Secret Exit)

Warp Cannon

Castle # 1 Mayor Bowser's Castle

Koopa Beach

Koopa Beach 1

Koopa Beach 2

Koopa Beach 2 (Secret Exit)

Koopa Beach Fortress

Koopa Beach 3

Koopa Beach 3 (Secret Exit)

Warp Cannon

Koopa Beach 4

Koopa Beach Ghost House

Koopa Beach 5

Castle # 2 Shell Shocker's Castle

Cheep Cheep Lake

Cheep Cheep Lake 1

Cheep Cheep Lake 1 (Secret Exit)

Cheep Cheep Lake Secret Area

Cheep Cheep Lake Fortress

Cheep Cheep Lake 2

Cheep Cheep Lake 2 (Secret Exit)

Warp Cannon

Cheep Cheep Lake 3

Cheep Cheep Lake Ghost House (Boat)

Cheep Cheep Lake 4

Cheep Cheep Lake 5

Castle # 3 Cheapo's Castle

Thwomp Cemetery

Thwomp Cemetery 1

Thwomp Cemetery Ghost House

Thwomp Cemetery Ghost House (Secret Exit)

Thwomp Cemetery Secret Area

Thwomp Cemetery 2

Thwomp Cemetery Fortress

Warp Cannon

Thwomp Cemetery 3

Thwomp Cemetery 3 (Secret Exit)

Top Secret Area

Thwomp Cemetery 4

Castle # 4 Ghwomps Castle

Monty Tunnels

Monty Tunnels 1

Monty Tunnels 1 (Secret Exit)

Warp Cannon

Monty Tunnels 2

Monty Tunnels 2 (Secret Exit)

Monty Tunnels Secret Area

Monty Tunnels 3

Monty Tunnels Fortress

Monty Tunnels 4

Monty Tunnels Ghost House

Monty Tunnels 5

Castle # 5 Monty Master's Castle

Bob-omb Base

Bob-omb Base 1

Bob-omb Base 1 (Secret Exit)

Bob-omb Base Secret Area

Bob-omb Base 2

Bob-omb Base 2 (Secret Exit)

Warp Cannon

Bob-omb Base 3

Bob-omb Base Ghost House

Bob-omb Base Fortress

Bob-omb Base 4

Castle # 6 Lieutenant 'Splode's Castle

Shy Guy Forest

Shy Guy Forest 1

Shy Guy Forest Ghost House

Shy Guy Forest Ghost House (Secret Exit)

Warp Cannon

Shy Guy Forest 2

Shy Guy Forest 2 (Secret Exit)

Shy Guy Forest Secret Area

Shy Guy Forest 3

Shy Guy Forest Fortress

Shy Guy Forest 4

Castle # 7 Shy Girl's Castle

Dark Koopa Lair

Dark Koopa Lair 1

Warp Cannon

Dark Koopa Lair 2

Dark Koopa Lair 2 (Secret Exit)

Dark Koopa Lair Ghost House

Dark Koopa Lair 3

Dark Koopa Lair 3 (Secret Exit)

Dark Koopa Lair Secret Area

Dark Koopa Lair Fortress

Dark Koopa Lair 4

Castle # 8 Dark Koopakhamen's Castle

King Dark Parakoopa's Castle

Bonus Area: Parakoopa Paradise

Parakoopa Paradise 1

Parakoopa Paradise 2

Parakoopa Paradise 3

Parakoopa Paradise 4

Parakoopa Paradise 5

Parakoopa Paradise 6

Parakoopa Paradise 7

Parakoopa Paradise 8


  • Mushroom - Turn into Super Armando/Peyton
  • Fire Flower - Throw Fireballs
  • Ice Flower - Throw Iceballs
  • Flower Flower - Throw flowerballs
  • Bee Suit - Fly and sting
  • Wingies - Extended flying time period.