This is the list of Xenoblade trophies in the game of Super 5mash bros 5, for both consoles.

Trophy Description
Shulk The hero of Colony 9 and the true heir to the legendary sword: the monado. During the mechon attack, Shulk stepped up and got the monado from Dunban. Granted new powers and able to fend off hordes of Mechon, Shulk somehow did not kill himself. When Metal face killed Fiora, who tried to save them, Shulk set off on his quest through the Bionis, vowing revenge on Metal face. 
Reyn A former soldier from the defense force and Shulk's best friend. One thing you'll need to know is that with enemies, he tears em up! He also likes to think of everyone as a bunch of jokers. He knows when it's his turn. He even gives helpful advice by saying, "Let's not lose our heads though!" But even that helpful additude and trustful but untrustful personality won't hide one of these facts for you. No matter what time it is, it's always REYN TIME!
Dunban Hero of the Homs and the Bionis, this worldly warrior once wielded the Monado in a desperate attempt to destroy the Mechon at the Battle of Sword valley. Fending off their remaining forces, Dunban saved many people, but also lost some, like his friend Mumkhar. He layed only with his sister, Fiora, trying to heal the injury to his right arm, and returned once again on the Mechon raid on Colony 9, passing the Monado to Shulk. He returned again out of the Ether mines to help defeat the Mechon, to sport a new anti mechon weapon. And so, he permenantly joined Shulk, Reyn and Sharla on their journey to Prison Island!
Alvis Whenever anyone mentions the words "mysterious" and "person" together, you think of Alvis. Shulk first met him when he went to retrieve ether crystals on Makna's Lakeside. He and his sword Claymore, helped Shulk defeat the Puera telethia. He actually is able to use the Monado without killing himself, and even unlocked a new power; Monado Purge! He is later revealed to be a disciple of Zanza. But he has his own plans for defiance.....
Chief Dunga
Monado ll
Monado lll
Replica monados A weapon that Miqol himself created, the replica Monados were made to substitute for Zanza's Monado. The other replicas, Rudra, Dogma, Abyss, Agni, and Saga all had their purposes, be it defense, Critical hit rate, or attack stability damage. They all sport different colors and designs, but don't choose it because it looks cool. Judge it's statistics with the other replicas, and then choose.
Meyneth's monado
Bionis  Bionis has many great locations. Shulk's home, Colony 9, is located on the right calf, Makna forest on the back, and prison island at the head. Bionis had it's clash with the Mechonis for years. But rather, very few know the true story behind the fight. Zanza finally had resurrected power years later, and awoke the Bionis once again. Many lives were lost, but nobody had given up hope. They had to stop the Bionis from it's stagnation and save the world!
Metal face
Jade face
Face nemesis
Mecha-fiora Homs have been turned into Mechon crazily since the invasion of Colony 9, and Fiora is no exception. Everyone thought she died to Metal face, but in reality, her body was preserved, and her body and organs were reconfigured to be like a robot's. She was the core unit for Face nemesis, and as it, she was discovered alive by Shulk and friends at Prison island. She made an attempt to help atop Valak mountain, but Egil was persistent to stop her. Hosting the godess of Mechonis, Meyneth, she had no control over her body, and soon had no control over the face unit as well. Only when Fiora's spirit drove the conciousness of Meyneth was she freed. Found still concious on the Fallen arm, she was taken to see Linada, and had her body fixed. But with Meyneth gone, thanks to Zanza, she does not have much time left in her robot body.
Solidum telethia
Leone telethia
Puera telethia
Sani telethia
Surney telethia
Kallian (telethia)
Dickson (giant)
Lorithia (telethia)
Zanza (final)
Sky series
Brave series
Alcyone series
Rondine series
Makna series
Jungle series
Swimming series
Diver series
Mist series
Serpent series 
Glory series
Quark series
Nopol series
Regnas series
Iron series
Retrieved series
Eryth series
Argos series
Agrius series

Warrior series

Heavy series
Ledios series
M100 series
Eclipse series
Orion series
Asura series

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