Trophies are collectable figurines that can be found in solo player modes such as Classic, Adventure, Boss Battle, and All-Star Mode. It will also appear in various Stadium modes such as Home-Run Contest, Target Blast, and Board the Platforms. They will also appear randomly in Vs. Battles though will not appear in Tournament Mode nor on any of the Online modes. They are also available during Smash Dungeon and Smash War as randomized items during play. Finally, players can purchase trophies from the Trophy Shop or can win them in the Smash Lottery. Trophies can also be squired during StreetPass called "Trophy Challenges". This mode allows players 3DS's to battle when on and the winner gains various prizes such as trophies. Trophies are broken into series such as Super Mario Bros. and The Legend of Zelda though certain trophies do not fall into a category and classified as "Other". Players can put trophies into Trophy Cases which are sorted by series and games. They can also take photos of the trophies. A new feature is the Trophy Display where friends can view a player's Trophy Display online.

Trophies by Series

Zz-smashbros-icon- (20)Super Smash Bros.

120px-MarioSymbol.svgSuper Mario Bros

ZeldaSymbolThe Legend of Zelda DKSymbolDonkey Kong
SSB Yoshi ClassicYoshi SSB Kirby SeriesKirby PokemonSymbolPokemon StarFoxSymbolStar Fox
MetroidSymbolSSBVMetroid FZeroSymbol1F-Zero SSB EarthBound SeriesPEarthbound/MOTHER SSB Fire Emblem SeriesFire Emblem
SSB Pikmin SeriesPikmin WarioSymbol1WarioWare SSB Kid Icarus SeriesKid Icarus ROBSymbol1R.O.B.

SSB Animal Crossing SeriesAnimal Crossing

SSB Punch-Out SeriesPunch-Out!!

SSB Wii Fit SeriesWii Fit

SSB Xenoblade SeriesXenoblade

SSB DuckHuntDuck Hunt

Murasame iconMysterious Castle Murasame Splatoon iconSplatoon
GoldensunGolden Sun Wonderful101iconThe Wonderful 101 RhythmheaveniconRhythm Heaven ProwrestlingsymbolPro-Wrestling
MachriderlogoMach Rider Fatal frame iconFatal Frame Nintendo SymbolNintendo SSBZNamcoSymbolNamco Bandai




SSB Sonic SeriesSonic the Hedgehog

SSB Pac-Man SeriesPac-Man
Bayonetta iconBayonetta RaymansymbolRayman SSB Special SymbolOther

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