A stage is a location where characters can interact and fight on. In most cases, stage refers to those found in the Vs. Modes but can also be found in other modes such as Adventure Mode and Boss Battles. Stages are focused on a single franchise such as Super Mario Bros. or The Legend of Zelda and draws inspiration from games within those franchises. Stages may either be rather straight forward and simple while others may be chaotic and with many stage hazards.

Vs. Stages

Vs. Stages represent certain franchise and usually serves as the "home stage" for a certain character though various stages may represent a characterless franchise. As mentioned earlier, stages may either be a stationary, simple stage without any stage hazards though some are more static with many stage hazards. Other stages may be touring stages where it transports characters place to place while others may be side-scrolling stages. The size also isn't standardized with some stages being rather small with others being very large. There has been a number of changes to Stages in Super 5mash Bros. 5:

Console Exclusives: In Super 5mash Bros. 5, the console and handheld version, again, has version exclusive stages but certain stages can be traded between the two versions if the player connects the two.

Omega and Alpha: It was also revealed that every stage has Omega (Ω) and Alpha (Α) versions. The Omega Version, or Ω first introdued in Super Smash Bros. for Wii U and 3DS which transforms the stage into a Final Destination-like stage with a single platform and zero stage hazards. The Alpha version, or Α transforms the stage in a Battlefield-like layout with three floating platforms above a single stage platform. Every stage has an Omega and Alpha version.

8/6-Player Smash: In Super Smash Bros. for Wii U, 8 player Smash was introduced at a new mode available which allowed up to 5-8 players to join the battle! This returns again in Super 5mash Bros. 5 but the handheld version can support 6 Player Smash this time around! Every stage can support 8/6 Player Smash with the more smaller stages changing to accommodate the influx of players.

Stage Hazards: It is possible to toggle the amount of stage hazards that will appear by going into "Stage Options" and going to the "Stage Hazard" section. Players can choose between:

  • High Stage Hazards: Appears more frequent, deals higher damage and knockback, and, in the case of Stage Bosses, have higher HP.
  • Normal Stage Hazards: This is the default setting. Stage hazards are just as how the developers made it.
  • Low Stage Hazards: Stage hazards appear less often, deal less damage and knockback, and, in the case of Stage Bosses, have lower HP.
  • Zero Stage Hazards: Stage hazards will not appear though certain stage hazards that cannot be removed does set knockback regardless of damage percentage.
  • Random Stages: In the "Stage Options" section, players can set which stages will appear when set to Random. The minimum stages that can be added to the list are 6 stages total.

List of Super 5mash Bros. 5 Stages

Here is a list of currently revealed stages for Super 5mash Bros. 5 for the Handheld and Console versions.

Both Versions


Handheld Stages


Console Stages

Superbellhillssb5Shyguyfallsssb5Bowsercastlessb5Mariomakerssb5Treasuretrackerssb5Mariospartyssb5Papertheatressb5Mushroomkingdomussb5Mariogalaxyssb5Mariocircuit8ssb5Luigismansionssb5Delfinoplazassb5Rainbowcruisessb5Tropicalfreezessb5Sunsetshoressb5Brambleblastssb5Junglehijinxssb5Woollyworld2ossb5Yoshisscookiessb5Yoshisislandssb5Hyrulefieldssb5Templeoftimessb5Twilightpalacessb5Foresthavenssb5Templessb5Greatbayssb5Biospheressb5Skytownssb5Norfairssb5Frigateorpheonssb5Corneriassb5Sargossassb5Orbitalgateassaultssb5Lylatcruisessb5Patchlandssb5Lorstarcutterssb5Rainbowcursessb5Greatcaveoffensivessb5Fountainofdreamsssb5Unovaleaguessb5Battlerevolutionssb5Pokesnapssb5Pokemonstadium2ssb5Saffroncityssb5Pokefloatsssb5Palutenastempleruinsssb5Enemylairssb5Palutenastemplessb5Sketchssb5Diamondcityssb5Gamerssb5Distanttundrassb5Formidableoakssb5Towerofguidancessb5Dragonaltarssb5Colosseumssb5 Casinopalacessb5Sandoceanssb5Bigbluessb5Dracossb5Magicantssb5Foursidessb5Themuseumssb5Town&cityssb5Verminssb5FlatzoneHDssb5Wiisportsclubssb5Wiiplayssb5Wuhuislandssb5Duckhunt2wiiussb5Thestreetssb5Obstaclecoursessb5Wiifitstudiossb5Newlosangelessssb5Solsanctumssb5Murasamecastlessb5Octovalleyssb5Feverremixssb5Minakamishrinessb5Nesremixssb5ExcitebikeSSB5Endlessoceanssb5Nintendolandssb5Byhoneislandssb5Windyhillzonesb5Pacmuseumssb5MaingallerystageZombieussb5Justdanceussb5Spaceinvadersssb5Googlestreetviewssb5