Here is the list of currently revealed Rhythm Heaven trophies for Super Smash Bros. 5. For the list of other trophies, please visit List of SSB5 Trophies.

Rhythm Heaven

Both Versions

Name Description Obtain Trophy Box
Chorus Kids "The Chorus Kids are three young aspiring singers from the Rhythm Heaven series. Under the instruction of an afro-wearing lion, the trio are required to yell their lungs out by simply opening their mouths. In this game, all three Chorus Kids can fight at once! Their power is maximised if they attack on the beat, so be sure to keep your rhythm up with them!" Complete Classic Mode with Chorus Kids Rhythm Heaven/Chorus Kids
Glee Club "If you've never heard the Chorus Kids sing before, then be warned - it's not only jarring on the ears, but also packs a punch! The Kids use this to their advantage in their Final Smash, where a conductor rises up in front of the match and then begins to conduct the Kids in unison. Tapping the button to the beat will maximise the damage and range of the shockwaves they emit. If the conductor says "Together now" then get ready as they all open their mouths at once!" Complete All-Star Mode with the Chorus Kids on Normal or higher. Final Smashes 1
Shoot-'Em-Up "Get ready for a journey to space like never before - with three *ahem* accomplices in tow. This peculiar Final Smash has the Chorus Kids fire lasers at opponents on the ground. Watch them flee in terror as the mighty beat of the spaceship expels its radius into the atmosphere! Even the Blastronaut shows up and gives advice on how to stop them! So useful, and so rewarding too!" Collect every Chorus Kids trophy Final Smashes 2
Chorus Kids (Micro-Row) "The Chorus Kids have moves based on many different minigames found in the Rhythm Heaven franchise. Take Micro-Row, their Up Special, for example. They align themselves up nice and neat, and then swim off in a direction of the player's choice. Like any other Chorus Kids-move, pressing to the beat maximises the damage, but wait! This is a recovery move, so that's an added benefit too!" Swim 50 feet with the Micro-Row move. Rhythm Heaven/Chorus Kids
Chorus Kids (Ringside) "Not many people have had a chance to encounter the world-famous Wrestler, who goes off to wrestle anyone he likes at any time. Being in the Rhythm Heaven series, he is naturally a rhythm fanatic, so hearing the Chorus Kids sing convinced him to join their team for Super Smash Bros. 5! The Wrestler acts as a counter, and of course, performs better on-beat than off-beat. Ever wanted to command the Wrestler? Now's your chance!" Counter 40 people with the Ringside move. Rhythm Heaven/Chorus Kids
Chorus Kids (Orange) "The Chorus Kids look a little off today... has all that singing taken their toll on them? Nope, they just took a fancy new colour scheme to match their friends, the monkeys. Monkeys have been a Rhythm Heaven staple, tap dancing, hi-fiving each other on clocks, or playing the tambourine. There are also rebel Monkeys, with purple colour schemes and rings on their ears. Plus, they're unnecessarily cute! D'awwwww, I want one!" Play on Heaven Remix/Fever Remix 25 times as the Chorus Kids. Rhythm Heaven/Chorus Kids
Chorus Kids (Black) "Woah! The Chorus Kids look spooky with all that black makeup on, ready for tonight's performance. Who could this resemble... aha! Mr. Upbeat! Mr. Upbeat spends his life stepping over metronomes and giving positive feedback to whoever is controlling him, hence 'Upbeat'. There's a green light on his head that tells you when to step over a metronome, so even novice players can handle his offbeat patterns quickly. Oh, and his feet get sore often. Just keep that in mind." Play on Heaven Remix/Fever Remix 25 times as the Chorus Kids. Rhythm Heaven/Chorus Kids
Chorus Kids (Up Taunt) "One of the Rhythm Heaven's greatest mysteries is when the Chorus Kids will ever get tired of singing. I mean, they're so optimistic, it sounds like they're going hoarse whenever the conductor says "Together now". Maybe they get their energy off of singing? Do they live at the Glee Club? What is up with them? Are they from another planet? Why am I asking so many questions?" Random Trophy Shop Rhythm Heaven/Chorus Kids
Chorus Marshall "This little fellow looks like a Chorus Kid, but no! This is Marshall, the mascot of Rhythm Heaven Fever and host of the whole game. Marshall and his friends test you out at the beginning of the game with a Rhythm Test, where you press buttons to the beat without worry. When he's not testing new rhythm students, he's hanging out in the Cafe or taking a night-time stroll. He's a relaxed kind of guy." Complete all Chorus Kids Character Challenges Rhythm Heaven/Chorus Kids
Karate Joe "This is Karate Joe. He's been in the Rhythm Heaven series ever since the beginning, and every time you see him, he's always punching flowerpots or lightbulbs. Even exploding barrels don't trip him up; he'll just 'punch-kick' 'em away. And if a multitude of objects fly at him, he'll be at them in an instant, finishing with an uppercut. If you've ever wondered where he learned these techniques, ask his father!" Random Trophy Shop Rhythm Heaven/Characters
The Clappy Trio "These three lions stage shows around the world, but what do they do in those shows? You're right - they clap! Clap with all their might! In the Rhythm Heaven series, you're always the third in line. Follow the other two to be successful, despite their many startling fast claps whenever they get stern eyes. You may picture them standing in a sort of theatre while wearing red afros, but did you know they've been to the Wild West too?" Random Trophy Shop Rhythm Heaven/Characters
Widgets "Widgets? They don't seem very interesting for a trophy. So what makes them famous? Well, they've been in every Rhythm Heaven game to date, and in each game, there have been different ways to create them. You have to bounce the rods off platforms, flick them into the squares, or do both, so it's not that hard. Then again, I hear the job doesn't pay very much, so there you go." Random Trophy Shop Rhythm Heaven/Characters
Munchy Monk

"Mr. Monk here is best known for... eating dumplings? There's a first for everything, it seems. When a dumpling is placed into his outstretched hand, he slaps his wrist and automatically the dumpling flies into his mouth. His favourite type of dumpling is the white type, though he does enjoy green and red types. Sometimes, he has to feed Marshall with eggs and handfuls of peas! Plus, he joined the circus at one point. For a monk, he's pretty busy, and he can sure grow a moustache well."

Eat 10 different types of food Rhythm Heaven/Characters
Tap Trial "A stunning troupe consisting of a giraffe, two monkeys and a woman. When the monkeys give their cue, they and the woman tap, and the giraffe gives them support. One tap, two taps, three taps, or even a leap into the air, they can do it, even at turbo speeds! They also starred in the official Rhythm Heaven music video, WISH Can't Wait for You, which you may have heard on the Night Walk stage. There's no stopping this unlikely formation!" Random Trophy Shop Rhythm Heaven/Characters
Sneaky Spirits "These little pests invade houses and attempt to not get caught by their reckless hunters, who track them down with bows and arrows, and attempt to shoot them up the nose. They are known for sneaking at various speeds just to throw them off, be it fast or slow. We never see the lower half of their body either, so their only method of sneaking is to bob up and down behind a wall. Gee, get some variety, guys!" Random Trophy Shop Rhythm Heaven/Characters
The Wandering Samurai "The Wandering Samurai is a skilful hunter of demons, and he has just the thing to rid villages of them - a well precisioned blade. He's always learning new techniques to help him with his task, from the gentle sword swipe, to the age-old whirlwind slice. His legend has been passed down for generations - so much there was once a video game about him. The legend unfurls how he rescued not one, not two, but four princesses at once from the giant dual wielding purple demon! However, he refuses to verify this." Random Trophy Shop Rhythm Heaven/Characters

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