Here is the list of currently revealed Super Smash Bros. trophies for Super Smash Bros. 5. for the list of other trophies, please visit List of SSB5 Trophies.

Super Smash Bros.

Both Versions

Name Picture (HH) Picture (CS) Description Obtain Trophy Box
Smash Ball SmashBall SmashBall "The most powerful item of them all, the Smash Ball allows characters to use their Final Smash, a move that differs depending on who uses it. For example, Mario gets a pair of fireballs to throw, while Link chops up opponents with a beam of light. You can also activate a second Final Smash by pressing the attack and special buttons together. Use it wisely, for it is time for the ultimate finisher." Unlock every Final Smash 2 Final Smash
Assist Trophy AssistTrophyWiiU AssistTrophyWiiU "This capsule will release a character when broken. Will it be an obscure creature you've never heard of, or a familiar face who just didn't make that final leap to the roster? Whoever and whatever the case, you can always rely on an Assist Trophy to get you out of a jam. Unless you've got Tingle, that is." Unlock every Assist Trophy Assist Trophy
Crates CratesSSB4 CratesSSB4 "Break open one of these boxes and nab the item inside. They're very flimsy, so one hard hit and it's burst. They also change their appearances depending on the stage; is that a regular old box, or a present filled with goodies? It doesn't really matter what it looks like, though - it's all the same on the inside. Watch out, some of them have wheels as well." Random Items/Container
Barrels BarrelsSSB4 BarrelsSSB4 "Barrels are like crates, but much more durable and just roll away when hit with a weak attack. To the untrained eye, this can look like an opportunity for an opponent to bust it up, but a rolling barrel is a dangerous thing to be squashed by. Just ask Mario." Random Items/Container
Capsule CapsuleSSB4 CapsuleSSB4 "This capsule has appeared in every Super Smash Bros. game so far, but this small, fat design wasn't introduced until Super Smash Bros. 4. Much like other container items, this one releases an item when thrown, although it's very light and easy to hit opponents with. Unfortunately, it does have a tendency to explode at times. If you sense that your capsule is a ticking time bomb, throw it at someone else." Random Items/Container
Party Ball Partyball Partyball "Wahey! Nothing like a party to spice up your life. Well - maybe not on the battlefield, there's too much chaos going on over there already! Just chuck this little blocky ball up and it'll rise up in the air and (cue fanfare) it'll release some little items for you to 'enjoy'. The Party Ball sometimes contains a whole pantry-full of food, but at other times, it just trolls you with Bob-ombs." Random Items/Container
Blast Box BlastBoxSSB4 BlastBoxSSB4 "Hold it! This box contains a massive amount of gunpowder and even the slightest flicker of a flame will send others flying! It's not just fire that sets it off though, multiple strong attacks are also it's weak point. You can still pick it up and throw it, but really, with all the unexpectancy looming over you, who want to do a thing like that?" Random Items/Explosives
Sandbag SandbagSSB4 SandbagSSB4 "Poor Sandbag. Have you ever had to endure the daily grind he endures every day? 8:00 -Whacked by Donkey Kong to get items. 12:00 - Smashed with a Home-Run Bat into oblivion. 16:00 - Appear on a Trophy Stand and pose for an hour... or however long it takes you to read this. Yep, it's a tough life for a Sandbag." Hit Sandbag over 10,000 ft with 5 characters. Super Smash Bros.
Food Variousfoods Variousfoods "There is nothing more appeasing to the eye than food. We need it to survive, and it looks like this is the case in this game too! There are 30 different types of food for you to munch on, and if you're ever thirsty, you can have a drink as well! Each type of food heals a specific amount of health depending on what it is. You never know - maybe you'll go out and try one of these delectifying dishes one day!" Random Items
Timer TimerSSB4 TimerSSB4 "Clocks don't usually have the power to slow down time, but maybe I'll make an exception this time! Grab a Timer and watch as the very fabrics of time and space are ripped apart in front of your eyes. Don't worry - it won't affect you, so you'll still be able to pound in the percentages. Or maybe you won't. This is one sneaky little trickster!" Random Items/Special
Beam Sword BeamSwordSSb4 BeamSwordSSb4 "When you first see the Beam Sword, it'll just look like your average sword, only with light energy glowing out the hilt. Trying a side smash will reveal it's true power: an unstoppable force with tons of range! This item has probably the best reach out of all the battering items, and the beams it lets out won't go away. Looking for vengeance? This is your man - I mean... item." Random Items/Battering
Home-Run Bat Homerunbatwiiu2 Homerunbatwiiu2 ""It's the ninth inning, and Samus steps up to the bat...!" Unfortunately, we don't pay our announcer enough to do that sort of mock commentary. What we can do, though, is provide this nifty little baseball bat that may look like a child's toy. But as soon as you side smash, you'll realise its true potential. The almighty 'KREEEEEENGG' strikes fear into opponents hearts as they are launched out of the arena and into the background." Random Items/Battering
Ray Gun RayGUNssb4 RayGUNssb4 "This futuristic weapon can juggle fighters off screen with short green laser blasts. It's a handy weapon, and one that should be picked up in a fight immediately! That's it, right? Er... also, it doesn't have infinite ammo. Keep that in mind! OK, now are we done? No? Let's see... argh... you can throw it at opponents too, but you won't juggle anyone with it. We finished now?" Random Items/Shooting
Drill DrillArm DrillArm "Unlike your average tool, this special type of drill has a detachable bit that can hammer into opponents and send them off screen. The bit can deal lots of hits, so the damage percentages really rack up when hit by it. Also, you get to throw the base at them for good measure. Doesn't stop them from catching it and throwing it back." Random Items/Shooting
Motion Sensor Bomb MotionSensorWiiU MotionSensorWiiU "The tiniest bomb in the world, the Motion Sensor Bomb has always been a favourite of spies and other secret organisations. In this game, throw it on the ground and it'll stick there. Wait till someone comes by, and as they step over or on it, it explodes! It's hard to see, so that gives it bonus points! I wouldn't recommend using it for a prank, though. Just stick back to ringing neigbour's doorbells and running away." Random Items/Explosives
Gooey Bomb GooeyBomb GooeyBomb "This bomb is coated in a very sticky adhesive that can stick to anything like glue. Once it's on, it's on, unless you pass it on to another opponent, in which case they'll be on the receiving end of the 'bomb' part. You can't pass it on if it's stuck to the ground, unfortunately. Mega Man's Crash Bomber has a similar effect to this item." Random Items/Explosives
Team Healer TeamHealer TeamHealer "This rare item only ever appears in team battles. Throw it at your ally to heal small damage from them, or you could throw it at an opponent to deal a small bit of damage to them. Like some other items, though, it can backfire. You may end up healing an opponent instead of damaging them, so why would you want to trust such an untrustworthy item?" Random Items/Special
CD CD CD "Your parents, your grandparents, and maybe even your great-grandparents may tell you about how music was 'good' back then and how they don't like this 'modern music nonsense'. Little do they know how much power is contained in music! This CD will add a video game song (or maybe a non-video game song) to your music collection, and you can adjust the frequency in My Music or listen to it in Sound Test. This is my jam!" Unlock over 50 songs. Items
Custom Parts CustomPartSSB4 CustomPartSSB4

HH: "These little bags contain new features and attributes for you to apply to already existing content you may have, such as special moves, costumes and hats for Mii Fighters, or maybe even a whole new moveset for you to work with. They can appear randomly during battles, or may appear as prizes in modes such as Classic Mode, Master/Crazy/Core Orders, or the new Smash War mode. Feel like the game isn't spiced up enough? Here you go!"

CS: "These little bags contain new features and attributes for you to apply to already existing content you may have, such as special moves, costumes and hats for Mii Fighters, or maybe even a whole new moveset for you to work with. They can appear randomly during battles, or may appear as prizes in modes such as Classic Mode, Master/Crazy/Core Orders, or the new Smash Dungeon mode. Feel like the game isn't spiced up enough? Here you go!"

Collect over 90 Custom Parts Item
Custom Item Parts CustomPartSSB4 CustomPartSSB4 "They look similar to regular custom parts, but these bags have the power to customise an item. You can apply an elemental flair, such as adding fire or electricity, or the more practical approach, such as multiple hitters or speed multipliers. As if items didn't have so much power to them already..." Collect over 90 Custom Item parts. Item
Stamp 150px-Stamp Artwork - Super Mario 3D World 150px-Stamp Artwork - Super Mario 3D World "Do you remember the Stickers from Super Smash Bros. Brawl? Back then, they were little pieces of artwork that you could attach to fighters to make them stronger. Now, they can be arranged in little patterns so you can take a humourous snapshot of them, or you can apply them to your own artwork on Miiverse. Sure, they don't have any practical uses, but this game isn't all about competition, you know." Collect 100 stamps. Item
Master Hand MasterHandBrawl MasterHandBrawl "In the world of Super Smash Bros., Master Hand is considered a deity, said to have created the world out of pure imagination. As the Smashers fought, he grew up, watching over all, and only the best can reach him in Final Destination at the end of Classic Mode. One myth about him is that he gave copies of the Smashers away to another dimension, nicknaming them 'amiibo'." Complete Classic Mode on Normal with 10 characters. Super Smash Bros./Bosses
Crazy Hand CrazyHandSSB4 CrazyHandSSB4 "Master Hand's warped, twisted brother occasionally teams up with him if he feels that a Smasher needs a bigger challenge. Unlike Master Hand, Crazy Hand clumsily destroys universes, and is said to be feared by many. He even accidentally knocked out a pair of parka-clad mountaineers at one point. All that being said, however, he does a good job at running Crazy Orders." Complete Classic Mode on Difficult with 6 characters. Super Smash Bros./Bosses
Master Core MasterCore render MasterCore render "Think of Master Hand, and take him up to eleven. And then take him up to eleven again. And divide by zero just for good measure. That's Master Core, who is comprised of a mysterious black swarm that can shapeshift. A massive hound, five swords and even a maze is just the tip of the iceberg. Just remember, Master Core is already intense on Easy difficulty, so cranking up the intensity is basically like insanity. Times ten." Complete Classic Mode on Very Difficult with 5 characters. Super Smash Bros./Bosses
Battlefield "Super Smash Bros. really wouldn't be the same without Battlefield. Since Melee, Battlefield has been a mainstay of the series and with good reason. It's the place where even the most amateur of players would feel right at home. There's something soothing about a nature scene coupled with one big platform and three smaller ones." Unlock all themes for Battlefield Stages
Final Destination "A stage with this name ought to contain a lethal amount of hazards, traps, or other such weapons, but in Smash Bros., they are all absent. Why? Well, when you think about it, the only lethal things in your way are your friends - the most dangerous thing to exist in this game. Nowhere to hide, nowhere to be safe... and every other stage can receive this treatment too!" Unlock all themes for Final Destination. Stages
Home-Run Stadium "Unlike most stages, this one isn't available for regular smashing. Instead, the goal here is to give Sandbag the ol' one-two and then use a Home-Run Bat to send him flying. Many an unlucky batter has missed the bag completely, or sent him flying in the other direction. Sheesh, the rules have changed since I was a kid..." Hit over 10,000 ft with 20 characters. Stages

Handheld Version

Name Picture (HH) Description Obtain Trophy Box
Smash War "Brought to you by the team behind Fire Emblem, it's Smash War! ...that sounds like a movie poster tagline! In Smash War, you move across a grid, fighting enemy units as you go and stealing their prizes. Obviously, player units are much tougher, and maybe there's that small hope that you might end up nicking something from them! Even if it's something you already have! This mode is challenging and risky, but maybe the light will shine through one day." Complete Smash War with over 100,000 points. Stages

Console Version

Name Picture (CS) Description Obtain Trophy Box
Smash Dungeon "Master Hand was bored one day and so created his own mini-world for the Smashers to traverse. This dungeon crawler is a new addition to the world of Smash Bros., so even the most elite of veterans may have a tough time. With hordes of homing Bullet Bills and walls of ReDeads, you may end up getting more than you bargained for in this four-player frenzy! Also there are prizes." Defeat over 250 enemies in Smash Dungeon. Stages

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